How to Pair Curtains With Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are window treatments fixed into your windowsill, patio, or sliding door frame. They come in various colors, designs, louver sizes, and materials, including natural wood and composite materials. 


They also have wider louvers (or slats) than traditional colonial shutters. These louvers can be tilted from fully open to fully closed and angle in between, allowing you to control light, privacy, and airflow through the room.

While Plantation shutters alone are great for privacy and light control, layering them with curtains can enhance these benefits. Learn how these two window treatments can work together.

Why should you pair Plantation shutters with curtains?

When deciding whether you should pair Plantation shutters with curtains, knowing the benefits of layering both window treatments is essential.


Curtains complement Plantation shutters well. The elegance and decorative patterns of curtains serve as a nice contrast to the solid practicality of shutters.

Pairing Plantation shutters with curtains enhances and highlights the room's focal point (the window or door). If your home décor is traditional or contemporary, long, printed curtains can make a dramatic statement. 

Better light and privacy control 

Plantation shutters have wide slats that, when closed, have tiny gaps that sunlight can filter through. Layering Plantation shutters with curtains can give you extra flexibility and privacy. 


Enhanced thermal insulation and energy efficiency

Both Plantation shutters and curtains are excellent at insulating a room; you can open them to let in the fresh air and close them to retain heat. 

Curtains are beneficial during the winter months. The extra layer of curtains at the window will stop chilly air from entering your room and allow you to maintain an ideal temperature during cold days.

Because your room is insulated, you won't have to use your HVAC and central heating system as much, which reduces your energy bills and helps you save money.

Increased sound insulation

Plantation shutters have great sound-proofing features. With their thick louvers, frames that tightly seal your windows, and materials that absorb noise, Plantation shutters significantly block out outdoor noise when closed. This makes them a good window treatment choice if you live in a high-traffic area or a noisy neighborhood.

Adding curtains over your shutters will increase the sound insulation properties of shutters. 

How to pair Plantation shutters with curtains

If you want to pair Plantation shutters with curtains, you should have your shutters installed first, especially if you're dressing bare windows.

Installing your Plantation shutters first will bring instant privacy, light control, and insulation to your home. Installing your shutters first also ensures that the curtain brackets installed later allow the curtain panels to clear the shutter louvers. 

Choose shutters in neutral colors to make the room feel brighter and more open. Neutral shutters can be easily integrated into other room décor and curtain patterns.

If the space is ample and you want to choose two colors or a pattern mix, you may opt for light shade shutters and darker curtains for contrast. But if you want the shutters to be the focal point in the room, use darker shades, though this may limit your fabric choices.

Going too dark on both shutters and fabric could make your space feel smaller. On the other hand, if your work schedule requires you to sleep during the day, darker colors may help.

Ultimately, it’s best to talk to a design professional to fully understand your color and style options for Plantation shutters and curtains. 

Choosing curtains to pair with Plantation shutters 

After selecting your shutters (and their color), you can now choose your curtains. If you’re going to draw back the curtains during the day, you can use bold patterns without making the space look too busy. This is especially great if your Plantation shutters are neutral-colored. 

You can also coordinate your curtain colors or patterns with your Plantation shutters. For instance, white shutters would pair well with light-colored or patterned curtains, while stained shutters would look great alongside warm-colored curtains. 

If you want, you can match your curtains to the room's design scheme. For example, you can choose curtains in the same color as the walls, especially if the curtains are a shade darker or lighter than the walls.

While you might have some ideas about how you want to pair your Plantation shutters and curtains, it is best to consult with professionals to make informed decisions. 

Pairing your Plantation shutters with curtains or fabric window coverings is an excellent choice if you need enhanced privacy, light control, and insulation. However, choosing the right shutters and curtains can be a confusing process. 


At Budget Blinds, our design experts measure and design each shutter to fit your window’s exact specifications, from frame style to louver size. Our Plantation shutters come in various colors and materials, including natural wood and composite, which you can choose from. We can also custom match your wood shutters to blend in with your paint or stain colors throughout your home. 

We also offer custom curtains in an array of stunning colors, textures, and fabrics that instantly transform the look and feel of a room. If you're feeling overwhelmed about which shutters and curtains to use or if you need professional help measuring for these window treatments, schedule a free consultation with your local Budget Blinds design experts. 

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