How to Make a Room Feel More Cozy

When it comes to making your home a cozy oasis, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to add a little comfort. With the right touches of colors, textures, furniture and more you can create a room that is cozy and inviting. Budget Blinds has put together a list of tips to help you achieve this.

Blankets are your best friend when creating a cozy room! You can never have too many throws to cuddle up with while watching a movie or taking an afternoon nap. With an assortment of textured throws in soft neutrals, you will create a cozy oasis in no time.

Whether your bedroom or living room is covered in carpet or hardwood floors, rugs are a great way to add color, texture and of course, comfort. Add some plush and soft rugs to any room for an instantly cozier feel to your home.

For your walls, try using a darker and warmer shade. Lighter colors are great for making a room seem bigger, but to achieve a cozier feel the darker hues will make you feel more relaxed with a calming energy. Add pops of color in the furniture, throw blankets and pillows to create a nice contrast.

Don’t forget your windows. A cozy room is one that feels private, where you can unwind and settle for the night and keep out the light and whatever else is going on outside. With floor-to-ceiling draperies, you will instantly incorporate a cozy feel to your rooms. Go with neutral window treatments, like shades, to pair with your draperies that will go with any style. Check out Budget Blind's vast array of window treatments to create your perfect cozy oasis.

Pile on the pillows making your guests feel cozy the minute they sit on the couch. Mix and match and never be afraid to add too many. The more the merrier is our motto when it comes to creating a super comfy look!

When it comes to picking out furniture, think plush and soft textures that shout comfort. When guests enter the room, you want them to feel the need to sit down and relax on your cozy furniture pieces.

Add a little artwork to bare walls to complete a room and add warmth. The color will add a cozy factor that a bare wall couldn’t and close in the space to really bring the room together. Have some fun with this one and let your personality shine through.

We hope these tips and ideas will help you make your home a little cozier. For any of your window treatment needs, custom throw pillows or rugs, don’t hesitate to call your local Budget Blinds style consultant and check out our wide selection of affordable and stylish products from Budget Blinds.

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