How to Find the Perfect Window Treatments for Your Black Window Frames

Black window frames are an enduring design element. These are best paired with window treatments that showcase them. If you're in the market for new window treatments for your windows with black frames, let's explore how to choose complementary coverings that elevate your home.

Are black window frames a trend?

Windows with black frames are preferred by many modern homeowners, and this design element is a classic. Houses have featured black frames for centuries. There are several advantages to incorporating this design element, such as creating a bold accent point, making a traditional home feel trendier, boosting curb appeal, or highlighting a home's modern aesthetic.Design interpretations of these frames can vary, including ones with black street-side exteriors and white interiors, as well as fully black alternatives. Black window frames are commonly seen today in conjunction with the mid-century modern style that emerged between the 1940s and 1960s, but traditionally, black window frames were a part of an industrial look.

Consequently, homes decorated in this style share several elements, such as furniture with clean and simple lines, boldly shaped accessories, futuristic materials, and pops of color. Like the Scandinavian style, the mid-century modern aesthetic has found favor across several generations of homeowners.

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What curtains work best with black window frames?

Black window frames are best paired with neutral-colored, solid curtains. For example, consider panels in cool neutrals with a minimalist geometric motif or ones with monochrome retro shapes. If you’d rather go with something more simple, drapes in light colors can really draw in the eye and make your black window frames pop.

Shades are another great option for black framed windows. They allow plenty of privacy when you want it, but can be pulled up to showcase your black window frames.

How to find window treatments that work with black window frames

If you're looking for new window treatments for your black window frames, use the following steps:

Identify each room's style

Your room with a black window frame is likely styled in your favorite aesthetic with design elements in a unifying style, such as Modern Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Industrial or Modern. As window coverings can have a big impact on style, it's best to make a window treatment selection that complements it.

If you don't already know what window treatments would complement your style, identify the different design elements in the room — such as the wall colors, furniture, and accessories. Next, note the colors and textures you've used on your walls, rugs, and upholstery.Then, explore your room's aesthetic by researching different interior design styles and comparing them with your space.

Ask an expert

Alternatively, you could ask a designer for recommendations and get inspired that way. A window treatment professional like Budget Blinds can help you make all the choices necessary to obtain the perfect look.

For example, if you want modern curtains for your frames, an expert can recommend different treatment options and answer your questions about suitable window covering types, such as blinds, drapes, and shades.

Additionally, they can assist you in comparing materials, colors, and textures as well as the durability and maintenance requirements of various window covering options.

Getting expert feedback can help you to save time and money during the design and installation process. With this assistance, you're more likely to find window treatments that suit your frames and appeal to your aesthetic.

Consider functionality

Each room of your house is used for something different, such as dining, entertaining friends, spending time with family, or relaxing. Identify window treatment options that suit the room and work with black frames.

For example, when covering the windows in your home office, seek durable materials, like wood blinds, which enable you to conveniently control natural light and privacy.

Seek light-colored window coverings, as these will effectively complement your black window frames and create focal points in your home's interior. Consider modern drapes for their clean look, adjustability, and ability to showcase your black frames effectively. You could also choose blinds that provide a futuristic look, like dual sheer shades.

Select a combination of modern blinds and drapes in complementary colors and textures to instantly improve a room's visual impact. To accentuate your black window frames and improve the appeal of the interior space, consider shades made with light-colored materials, such as rattan reeds and other woven grasses.

Consider motorized options

There are motorized options for modern curtains you can choose for a smarter home, such as timers, wall switches, and remotes. These can add to the convenience of a room and enhance access to outdoor views. Motorization is also an effective method for reducing energy consumption.

Motorized window treatments can also be integrated into your smart home.

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Select window treatments that suit you

When you have narrowed down your window covering choices based on interior design style, functionality, and expert feedback, choose products that best suit your personal preferences.

For example, a color, texture, or pattern that inspires you can be used to choose the perfect treatments for your black frames. Before making your selection, make sure to explore the different textures and looks of your options.

Use this process to choose ideal window treatments for your black window frames and enhance your home's appeal. To get started, schedule your free in-home or virtual consultation.

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