How to Choose the Right Motorization Option for Your Home

Whether you have a hard-to-reach window or simply want the convenience and safety of motorized window treatments, you will have a lot of options. From choosing how the shade is powered to how you control the shade, there can be an overwhelming array of choices. The following is an introductory guide to get you started.

When selecting a motorized window treatment, there is not only a choice of the type of product, but also a choice of how the product is powered. At Budget Blinds we offer rechargeable battery powered motors in all Smart Home Collection products. There is no need for an electrician to wire in the shades, saving you time and money. The window treatment simply recharges with a charging cord that connects to a port on the shade motor and plugs into a standard outlet. Your window treatments will need to be charged approximately twice a year. This option is simple and easy to do, much like recharging your phone, just not nearly as often!

Dining Room Roller Shades

Other window treatment products are available with a battery pack or wand that requires the replacement of batteries. This can be a little more inconvenient and expensive.

If you don’t want to recharge or change out batteries and are building or remodeling, you will need your window treatments hardwired. This will require an electrician to run the wiring prior to installation of the insulation and sheetrock. The major benefit of this is maintenance-free operation for years to come.

After you choose the product and its type of motorization, you will need to choose how you are going to control it. The options include: a handheld remote, wireless wall switches, an app on your Smartphone or Home Automation integration and voice control.

A handheld remote is programmed to operate a single shade or a group of shades with the push of a button. Remotes are available as single channel or multi-channel and determine how many shades can be operated with one remote.

Smart Home Remote Vadain

Wireless wall switches work in the same way as a remote, but obviously the switch is attached to the wall making it a safe option to keep it away from little ones. This is also a great option when you don’t want to be searching for a remote!

The beauty of an app on your Smartphone is you can work your shades from anywhere whether you are home or away. This option does require the addition of a bridge or hub to connect the shades to your Wi-Fi so they can communicate with mobile devices and internet routers. Once the hub is added, you can program “scenes” or functions, that set the shades to operate automatically. Perfect for programming the shades to lower during the heat of the day to protect flooring and furniture and make your home more energy efficient.

Smart Home Collection App

The addition of the bridge/hub also allows the shades to be connected and operated via other home automation systems, as well as via voice control on Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other voice activated assistants. Voice control is a great hands-free option when you are busy in the kitchen or not near your remote or wall switch.

Still a little confused about what is right for you and your home? Let Budget Blinds help! We offer an array of products and options with our Smart Home Collection. This collection combined with the assistance of your local Budget Blinds Design Consultant, will assure that you are able to get the right motorized product, combined with automation options that are convenient and functional for you and your home.

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