How to Achieve the Popular Modern Farmhouse Style

For several years now an inviting, casual, yet refined style in home design has become increasingly popular and continues to capture our imagination. Welcome to the Modern Farmhouse Style, an open airy style filled with natural light and furnishings patinaed by time yet mixed with modern appliances and urban industrial accents. As the name implies, Modern Farmhouse Style embodies the comfort and charm of a farmhouse mixed with the sleek minimalism of modern style.  So how did we get here? Shiplap, originally a term that meant a type of wooden board used commonly in the construction of barns, sheds, and outbuildings, began as a popular “buzzword” in 2014, and re-introduced us to the world of Modern Farmhouse Style. Today, there are several elements that have broadened this design style, allowing more and more homeowners to create their own unique version of this timeless look.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Common design elements for Modern Farmhouse.

Although the Modern Farmhouse Style is similar to country, country tends to lean a little more traditional. Farmhouse retains a certain level of sophistication, with ample doses of chic.  Also, country relies heavily on accessories, while modern farmhouse reflects a more minimalistic, “less is more” look.  Typically, Modern Farmhouse uses a combination of these elements:

  • Weathered finishes and wood tones
  • Neutral color palate
  • Modern lighting with classic hardware
  • Mixed and matched, contrasting styles
  • Texture-rich surfaces and natural elements
  • Selective accessorizing
  • Architectural salvage
  • Barn-style doors
  • Exposed wood
  • Wide plank floors

These elements, and others, combine to create a familiar, home-like environment, yet with all the modern conveniences we enjoy today. It is a comfortable style, with a lived-in look that says, “you can relax here.” The home transports one to a place where you can escape the high tech, screen focused, uncertain world we currently live in.  Let’s take a detailed look at just a few of these specific design elements.

Explore weathered finishes, wood tones and wide plank floors.

In contrast to its clean white walls, a modern farmhouse features reclaimed wood beams and wide plank wood floors. We are also beginning to see light wood stained cabinetry mixed with white, greys, and black for a classic Modern Farmhouse look. You will also notice this high contrast color combination is popular on Modern Farmhouse exteriors, along with angular gables. As you might expect, your window treatments play a key role in modern farmhouse style, especially those that combine natural materials with earth tone colors. For example, cordless woven shades pair beautifully with the natural look of exposed beams. Available in a variety of natural eco-friendly materials that are both versatile and appealing, texture-rich woven shades from Budget Blinds offer artisan-inspired sustainability with rattan reeds, grasses and natural woods that accent any modern farmhouse design.

Woven Shades in Dining Area

Choose a neutral color palette.

When it comes to selecting colors, the Modern Farmhouse look is best achieved with a neutral color palette, with white as the preferred choice.  This gives the space a bright and light feeling. It also provides a neutral backdrop for other unique features such as lighting and reclaimed wood or metal accents. Other colors often used include creams, tans, and warm greys. Often times, Modern Farmhouses will use an accent color on the kitchen island or on a room bench, for a splash of added style. Popular accent paint colors include shades of blue, green, charcoal grey, ebony or even black for a high contrast. However, try to keep the overall color palette neutral and light for a clean, modern look. Again, window treatments can help to extend your color scheme for both consistency and uniformity, so explore draperies that can provide an accent for wood floors and rustic, refinished wood furnishings. Draperies from Budget Blinds come in a stunning variety of calming, earth tone neutrals that promise to complement your Modern Farmhouse design, and are available in an impressive range of fabrics and textures. You can also select from a wide range of decorative drapery hardware and curtain rods that will help complete the overall look of your space.

Draperies in Office

See what’s new in modern lighting and hardware.

Today’s Modern Farmhouse uses lighting that’s a mix of metals and design styles. While the original farmhouse style featured lantern style black iron lighting, today’s Farmhouse homes combine classic iron lanterns with bold modern fixtures in brushed gold and black mixed with modern shaped glass globes. Modern Farmhouses also mix classic shaker cabinet doors with sleek modern hardware. Although it may seem that mixing classic design with modern is somewhat conflicting, in this case they actually work well together to pull of a look that is both comfortable and chic. Again, as with other Modern Farmhouse elements, window treatments help to elevate your look. For treatments that are as practical as they are beautiful, Roman shades are a popular choice. A patterned Roman shade, in either high contrast black and white, or using subtle earth tones, adds a traditional yet modern farm vibe to the kitchen. Roman shades from Budget Blinds offer inspired, Farmhouse-friendly styles made of beautiful fabrics, from chic sheer to opaque. Soft folds of premium, designer-inspired fabrics cascade beautifully, and pair well with other Modern Farmhouse décor and furnishings. 

Roman Shades in Kitchen

Mix and match with contrasting styles.

Today’s Modern Farmhouse is a mix of old and new - modern meets vintage, and sleek pairs with industrial. For example, add slipcovered chairs and sleek marble counter tops to a reclaimed or refinished farmhouse table, with rustic, reclaimed beams adding a unique vintage vibe overhead. You can also mix modern stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen with a vintage pantry door in the same space. Or add simple white drapery panels hung on black iron hardware for a contrast in both color and style. You can also mix a vintage coffee table with a modern sofa. Suddenly, you realize your only limitation is your imagination! Mixing old, vintage items with the new and fresh creates an enduring look that is well suited for your new Modern Farmhouse. For example, instead of using a standard vase for flowers or greenery, try using something unexpected and vintage like, such as an old flour sifter. Incorporating the old and using it in a practical sense is a big factor in Farmhouse style. You might also try displaying antique washboards and spindles. Or you could use old barnwood to make a farmhouse style sign, like a bakery sign that evokes childhood memories of helping mom in the kitchen.

Add texture with natural elements.

Texture also plays a critical role in a Modern Farmhouse aesthetic. Adding unique and varied materials to any room gives it a personal feel that you wouldn’t find in a seemingly stark, modern home. By adding elements such as wool and hand-tufted patterns on your floors and walls, you will achieve natural texture with stunning details. From the texture of chunky knitted throws to the use of area rugs and woven shades in the windows, texture adds a natural component to any Modern Farmhouse space.  Budget Blinds has a stylish selection of custom rugs, including circular, rectangular, runner styles and more, and our custom woven wood shades are a perfect way to not only add texture but the natural colors coordinate well with wood floors and reclaimed beams. For example, try pairing shades with drapery panels in natural fibers like linen and cotton. Or add a wicker accent chair and woven baskets to achieve added texture to room. And don’t forget about the design element that started it all- shiplap.  Shiplap walls, for example, are still a popular way to add texture to an otherwise simple room. Another trend that’s making its way into Modern Farmhouse are fluted wood panels.

Be selective when accessorizing.    

When accessorizing a Modern Farmhouse, try not to clutter your home. Instead, keep your design minimal and consider starting with accessories such as wool blankets or woven baskets. The décor should be casual, comfortable, and accessible.  This is where the minimal design aesthetic of this style shines through. Ideally, Modern Farmhouse accessories are carefully selected and curated throughout the house. Shelves are not cluttered. Instead, unique vintage items are displayed and mixed with new modern pieces. Think old books mixed with contemporary artisan pottery or a vintage heirloom treasure beside a modern picture frame.  Essentially, the Modern Farmhouse Style is about creating the appearance that your space has evolved over time. It should feel comfortable and lived in, and some of the pieces may be “perfectly imperfect”, with a patina that says, “It’s okay, you can put your feet up here and relax.”

Ultimately, Modern Farmhouse style is a thoughtful collection of the things you love. A place where you and others feel welcome every time you enter. With so much of what we all want and look for in a home, it’s no wonder the Modern Farmhouse Style remains one of the most popular design styles. It simply feels like home! At Budget Blinds, we are here to help you realize your perfect interpretation of this popular design trend, so click or call and schedule a complimentary in-home or virtual* consultation and let one of our local, highly trained design consultants help today!

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