How Blinds Can Save You Money All Year Round

Blinds are popular window covering solutions thanks to their flexibility and availability in a variety of options and styles. Budget Blinds’ blinds come in a stunning and impressive assortment of materials ranging from wood and vinyl to aluminum and composite and in a beautiful array of colors, stains, and finishes to help you add just the right touch of style that complements your home decor!

Motorized Blinds in Bedroom

But our blinds do more than just cover your windows or elevate the appearance of a room. They provide privacy and allow you to control the outside view, as per your needs. In addition, they block harmful UV rays while allowing you to adjust the natural light coming in at different times of the day. But most importantly, blinds can also provide insulation from the external weather.

In the peak summer months, for instance, our natural instinct is to crank up the air conditioner for a cooling effect. But that may not be the best and … certainly not the most cost-efficient alternative! Instead, why not fit your windows with treatments that help keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter? Budget Blinds offers several options that are designed to provide natural insulation from the outside temperature so you don’t have to rely on energy-driven appliances that shoot your energy bills up the roof!

If you’re looking for ways to save money year-round with the right window covering solution, read on.

Guide to the Most Cost And Energy-Efficient Blinds

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The Energy Department states that about 30% of the heating energy is lost through windows and 76% of the sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows converts into heat in summer. It further suggests that window coverings can lower heating and cooling bills by reducing energy loss through windows.

Minimizing energy consumption is the need of the hour today and energy-efficient window treatments are a great way to do that! They not only help us reduce our utility bills but also help minimize our carbon footprint and help us do our bit for the planet.

But here’s a caveat: the amount of energy savings also depends on when you choose to keep your window coverings open and closed. For optimal cost savings, choose to open them at strategic times of the day and season. For instance, during summer, it’s best to keep blinds, shutters, or drapes closed especially in the afternoons to block sunlight and keep them open in the evenings when it gets cooler or breezier. In contrast in winter, it’s best to keep them closed at night but on a sunny morning, they can be opened to let in some sunlight.

Sounds like too much of a hassle to open and close at different times of the day and year? Don’t worry! We have automatic blinds with sensors that detect a rise in temperature and close automatically. For enhanced energy savings, consider pairing your window treatments with drapes as they provide an additional layer of insulation!

To help you in your drive to keep energy costs low all year-round and help sustain the environment, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the best and most cost-efficient blinds that can help save money and enhance comfort while elevating the style quotient of your home! Are we ready to turn our attention from power-hungry devices to more sustainable and affordable options like window blinds? Let’s get started then!

1. Wood Blinds for Energy Efficiency and … Sustainability

Budget Blinds’ natural wood blinds provide considerable energy preservation and savings when closed. In addition, they block UV rays and reduce solar heat gain. But you don’t have to compromise on the style quotient to save energy!

Blinds made from natural wood lend an authentic and timeless appeal. In addition, you can choose from a stunning array of colors and stains as well as styles. They’re available in natural and rich earth tones and texture-rich finishes which you can custom color match to your existing home furnishings. Or you can opt for a sleek, smooth finish by choosing painted or stained blinds or a rustic finish with a durable feel and appearance.

Made from natural hard wood harvested from North American forests, Budget Blinds’ Wood blinds contribute to our planet’s sustainability. These are available in both inside and outside mounts. For a more refined effect, consider inside mounts so that windowsills and decorative molding are visible. For depth and a touch of classic elegance consider pairing wood blinds with valances that are available in standard, decorative, traditional, and contemporary styles.

For additional light control and privacy, consider installing Venetian blinds that can be tilted open and closed and provide a beautiful appeal to any room. For larger windows, we provide a 2-on-1 head rail for ease of operation and enhanced durability of lift cords, as wooden blinds can get heavier than others.

2. Composite Blinds for Extra Insulation

If you’re looking for a ‘wonder’ blind that can do everything, from providing moisture resistance and durability to reducing energy consumption and bills, Budget Blinds’ Composite blinds are the perfect solution. And they look beautiful too, adding instant charm to any space!

When closed, composite blinds protect your furnishings and flooring from the sun’s harmful UV rays and provide extra insulation, making them effective energy-saving window treatments. These are constructed from high tech polymer that helps repel sunlight. In addition, the advanced UVA inhibitors help prevent damaging effects like warping and yellowing with age.

Their utility is not limited to places with extreme heat or sunlight though. Composite blinds can also be used in high humidity areas like bathrooms or kitchens, thanks to the moisture resistance of high tech polymer. What’s more, they lend an aesthetic appeal to any room with their versatility. You can choose from an impressive collection of over 80 colors ranging from whites and neutrals to rich wood grains and finishes that range from smooth to textured. For a classic and luster-rich effect, you can opt for the real wood look.

3. Motorized Blinds for Optimal Energy Savings with Automation

Our innovative Motorized blinds offer outstanding benefits like optimal energy efficiencies, convenience, and comfort. They are endowed with unique heat-sensitive sensors that close automatically with rising temperatures, enhancing your comfort and energy preservation. You can program automatic blinds to open and close at specific times of the day as per your schedule and for enhanced energy savings.

Budget Blinds’ Motorized blinds are more than just window treatments. They’re a perfect automated solution, which elevates your lifestyle along with providing true customization. An array of control options along with whisper-quiet motors offer enhanced comfort, safety, privacy, and convenience – all at the click of a button! In addition, since these have no dangling cords, they eliminate the risk for children and pets, providing a safe environment for them. You can pick a style and color from our stunning array of diverse options or you can custom-match to your home style!

So are you ready to go into an energy saving mode? We hope our guide to the most energy-efficient blinds assists you in picking the right window covering solution for your energy saving needs. If you’re unsure about which window covering solution would best fit your requirements, Budget Blinds Style Consultants would be happy to help! They specialize in helping you pick the perfect window treatment that matches your needs, from a wide array of materials, colors, stains, textures, and styles. Schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation with a local Budget Blinds Style Consultant. Remember energy efficiency is just a blind away!

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