Hire a Professional from Budget Blinds and Avoid Installation Issues

Installing your next window treatment may seem like a do-it-yourself kind of project but the truth is that when it comes to installing blinds, it is in your best interests to hire a true expert. Budget Blinds® installers are experts that have the time, tools and training when it comes to custom window treatments. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t do-it-yourself, but hire a Budget Blinds professional to install your new blinds:

  • Save Valuable Time
  • No Need to Purchase Unnecessary Tools
  • No Issues to Solve

Save Time

Installing your blinds is going to take time and effort to get it done correctly. Let’s face it, who has the patience for that? Time is extremely precious nowadays and most people don’t want to go through the process to learn something new and attempt to do it themselves for a one-time deal. Many mistakes can happen when installing a window covering, especially if you have never installed one before. It will take a lot longer to put up one blind then you may think, and if you have to install multiple window coverings, it could take all day depending on your expertise. That’s why an expert installer from Budget Blinds is your answer to having no time to waste! Budget Blinds will install your blinds in a timely manner and get it done correctly the first time. They will have your window coverings up while you sit back and relax, or maybe get something else much more fun accomplished in the meantime.

Unnecessary Tools

Unless your job requires you to have a variety of tools, most likely you will not have all the right tools needed to install your blinds. If you are considering putting up your window coverings yourself, you will have to think about which tools you need, how much they will cost, and if you know how to use the tools correctly. That seems like a lot of work to make sure you have extra tools that you may never use again. A Budget Blinds installer is equipped with all the right tools to make sure your window covering goes up perfectly. You won’t have to question them because they will precisely install your window covering in a short amount of time, and you will just be amazed at how beautiful your window covering looks.


If you are inexperienced with window coverings, there are plenty of problems that can arise with a DIY installation. A major issue of improper installation is having your window treatment fall off the window. This can be extremely dangerous and even cause serious injury. Also, if you install a treatment wrong it can damage the actual covering causing you to have to purchase another window covering costing you more money. Also, if the window covering is damaged it can cause the warranty to be invalid. If you hang it wrong and it doesn’t work properly, you might have to re-install it until you do it correctly causing you to lose even more time out of your busy schedule. This is why a professional is needed, so there won’t be any annoying and expensive issues.

What You Get When You Hire a Budget Blinds Expert

As the largest custom window covering company in North America, we take pride in giving you an expert, stress-free service. Budget Blinds has more buying power and more choices when it comes to window coverings. We bring the store to you and take care of it all including measuring and installation. We will take care of all the hard work from heavy lifting to labor and installation to ensure that your window blinds fit perfectly. We will fit your window coverings properly and have them up in no time. We want to assure you that your window covering is properly secure and there will be no issues.  At installation, we walk you through the steps of using your new window treatments to prevent any excessive damage from wear and tear. We make sure to clean up after ourselves so your home looks as good as new! And, we’ll be around to offer guidance, support, and repairs should you need it after your window treatments are installed.


We Also Provide the Best Warranty in the Industry

After installation with Budget Blinds, you can relax because you’ve chosen high-quality products, expert service, no-surprise pricing, and our no-questions-asked warranty*, the best in the business. We understand that accidents happen and sometimes it is out of your control. Whether your dog decided to attack your blinds, or your child decided your shutters would look better with some painting, we have got you covered. We believe everyone at every budget deserves style and service.  

If you are interested in getting the red carpet treatment when it comes to window coverings, Budget Blinds is your answer. We have got you covered from free in-home consultation to precise measuring and perfect installation, along with the best warranty in the business. Call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to www.budgetblinds.com.                                                       

*Valid only on selected Signature Series® window coverings from Budget Blinds® some restrictions may apply. Ask for details.

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