Have the “Cool” House on the Block with Motorized Window Treatments

Give your house the “WOW” factor and impress your neighbors with motorized window treatments. Adding motorization to your window coverings is cool and super convenient with a touch of a button. Budget Blinds® offers motorization powered by Somfy® which allows you to control your window treatments for lighting and privacy. Having motorized window treatments can make your life easier by covering hard-to-reach windows or helping someone with limited mobility effortlessly control their window coverings. Best of all, motorization has an abundance of wonderful benefits that will improve many aspects of your life. And no matter your window covering preference–blinds, shutters, shades or drapes–Budget Blinds can make it motorized!

Wow! Motorization does make my life easier

When thinking about motorized window coverings, it’s awesome to be able to open or close them by remote control, but there are other aspects of life when motorization can really come to the rescue. It can help in ways that are not commonly thought of, from covering difficult windows to protecting your child. Even changing a window or two can impact the life of everyone in your home (like motorized shades in the TV room), but after hearing all these benefits you might want to have all your window treatments motorized.

Hard-to-reach windows: Every home has at least one or more windows that are impossible to reach, making life super inconvenient. Covering these windows seemed impossible until motorized window treatments came along. Instead of climbing over a bath tub or kitchen sink, you can close or open your window treatment without hurting yourself.

Also motorized treatments are ideal for other hard-to-reach windows like:

A child’s room: As parents, the number-one goal is to protect our children. Motorized window coverings are ideal for any child’s room since they do not have any dangling cords. Motorization will keep your child safe and sound. But make sure to keep your remote in a safe place because children love to hide them.

Persons with limited mobility or seniors: Simple day-to-day activities can become harder as we get older. Seniors might have a difficult time manually opening and closing their window treatments so motorization will allow them to still have control. Installing a motorized window covering could make your grandparents the hip cats at the retirement home, or just safer and more comfortable in their own home.

Motorization offers even more benefits

Motorized window treatments have plenty of benefits to make your life easier. Motorization can help from adding more security to your home to lowering your energy bill. Motorization is so easy to have installed it makes sense to change all your window treatments after hearing all these benefits.

  • Security – Somfy provides your security by allowing you to set timers making it appear as someone is home even when you are not.
  • Privacy – Motorized treatments add more privacy to your home when you just don’t have enough time to close your blinds.
  • Convenience – Easy opening and closing with a touch of a button.
  • Energy Saving – You can program your window treatments on timers during peak hours to help reduce your energy bill.
  • UV Protection – Motorization allows you to protect your furnishing by programming your window coverings to close when the sun is brightly shining down.

Motorized window treatments can only change your life for the better, so why wait? Let Budget Blinds make your home the cool house on the block with custom blinds, shutters, shades and drapers with one-touch operation. Call 866-879-9730 today or go online to www.budgetblinds.com to find the Style Consultant near you and schedule a FREE, in-home consultation today!

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