Get Your Windows Halloween Ready!

With autumn here, it's time to add some festive fall home touches. If you love decorating for holidays as much as you love the seasonal decor, consider making a memorable Halloween window display. Here are a couple of design ideas to get you started, whether you love spooky, fun, or elegant inspirations to make your windows ready for Halloween.

3 Fun Halloween Window Decoration Ideas

Your Halloween window decorations can be as complex or as simple as you want. You can layer your displays with home decor, strings of lights and window clings.

1. Make a Spooky Window

You can arrange your collection of skulls and witchy trinkets on the windowsill and drape spiderwebs from corner to corner to make a spooky display. Another popular spooky idea is creating a backlit display with spooky cutouts of trees and full moons, ghosts, and other creepy visuals. You can protect your privacy at the same time with window films that obstruct the view into your home while still letting light out. Alternatively, install Plantation shutters and add a string of LEDs against the window to create the spooky backlit effect while keeping the windows firmly closed off.

Make a Spooky Window

2. Create a Fun Fall Window Display

If you prefer a light-hearted approach to Halloween decorations, you can complement your custom window treatments with Halloween accents like fake spider webs, window clings, and more.  This lets you enjoy your Halloween windows inside and out.

3. Set the Scene With Lights and Decor

Windows with deep windowsill make excellent shelves for cauldrons, spooky village collections, and jack o' lanterns. Make sure your window treatments help create the perfect backdrop for any display so your trinkets and accessories take center stage. You can also turn on light displays without disrupting activity inside.

Set the Scene With Lights and Decor

Window Treatments That Complement Your Halloween Decor

Your window treatments determine how much space you have, how much light can get through the windows, and your overall color scheme. Use these pragmatic tips to make your window decorations and displays even more spooky.

Blackout Curtains

All-out Halloween displays can include strings of fairy lights, glowing figurines or animatronics, and glow-in-the-dark window clings. You might even switch out the covers on your landscaping lights to add spooky colors along the exterior of your house. Blackout curtains are not only a great backdrop for your decor but can keep your rooms dim and calm. These curtains also protect your privacy since neighbors and passersby are paying more attention to your windows.

Darker Shades

Like blackout curtains, darker shades can also help complement your Halloween scenes and help your intricate displays stand out.

Even better, darker curtains with interlining insulate your windows. As the temperature falls throughout October, that extra bit of warmth will help keep your home cozy.

Find Curtains That Match Your Theme, Home Decor or Color Scheme

If you love having intricate Halloween displays to decorate the exterior of your house but they clash with the rest of your home decor, that's okay. Consider lined curtains that have a black or neutral backing and a cohesive style and color scheme on the interior side. Your window treatments can do double-duty so your exterior and interior window styles are both exactly what you had in mind. Layered window coverings can create an even stronger boundary so you can enjoy multiple window decor styles at once.

How to Decorate a Bay Window for Halloween

Bay windows maximize your opportunity to create a complete Halloween experience in your windows. Whether you want an intricate, spooky scene that stretches across multiple windows or you have lots of Halloween accessories you want to set up, bay windows are the perfect stage. You can:

  • Use the bay window's extended sills or a window seat as a platform for Halloween villages, a cauldron, or collections of figurines.
  • Use the space for larger window cling or hanging decorations.
  • Create fun Halloween scenes that either face your windows or face the inside of your home so you can enjoy the displays.
  • Arrange hanging and standing decorations in an intricate three-dimensional display that single windows can't accommodate.
  • Install blackout curtains and programmable lights so you can easily transition from Halloween decoration to Thanksgiving and Christmas displays.

Ready, Set, Spooky!

At Budget Blinds, we're here to help you create the perfect backdrop to your favorite Halloween decorations with window treatments, blinds, and shutters that will look great season after season. You can find floor-length blackout curtains that give your Halloween decor more drama and keep illuminated displays from disrupting light sleepers or dinnertime.

We also have a wide selection of Plantation shutters, insulated blinds, and drapes so you can prepare your windows for the autumn season and colder temperatures. If you're looking for custom window treatments that can put you in the Halloween spirit and suit your style every season, schedule a free consultation with your local design expert. We can help find, fit, and create every layer of your window treatments so they're picture-perfect for holiday fun and all-year-round functionality.

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