Get Comfy with the New and Luxurious Inspired Bedding Collection

The average person spends approximately 230,000 hours of their life in bed. So why not make it your favorite room in the house? Turn your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary, creating a tranquil and truly comfortable space catered to your own personal style. With our premium and luxurious Inspired Bedding Collection, you can restyle your bedroom to become the most comfy-cozy spot!

Bedding can truly make a difference in creating a rich and luxurious bedroom.  Have you ever seen a really well-put-together bed? If so, you know that a lot of thought and investment goes into making a bed “pop”. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, we’ve got you covered. With customizable bedding, throw pillows and premium rugs, you can mix and match prints to create a one-of-a-kind look that you can’t find anywhere else.

Because You Deserve the Best in Bedding
A bedroom should reflect your personal taste in supreme comfort, and no one affords you this luxury better than Budget Blinds. From modern duvet covers to comforters, bedspreads, quilts and complete bedding ensembles, we have you covered in style with beautiful bedding. Choose a duvet cover from an array of fabrics, patterns and textures to transform a bedroom instantly. For enhanced versatility, try our reversible bedding comforters to switch up your look now and again. Our custom bedding is created from hundreds of patterns and from imported fabrics, many of which can only be accessed by our experienced textile buyer. For extra ambiance, combine sleek, modern room-darkening cellular shades with soft, luxurious bedding for the ultimate in sleep comfort.

It is important not to skimp on sheets and blankets, even if they are not generally visible.  They are the elements that surround your body and create a comfortable sleeping experience. For luxurious resort-like comfort, explore our lightweight, versatile blankets in both classic and modern patterns. As for sheets, our organic hotel-style sheets carefully curated from the finest eucalyptus fibers, bring you the comfort and softness of designer bedding at home. Be sure to speak with your Budget Blinds design consultant to make sure your fitted sheets are deep enough for your mattress. We are here to make your bedding fit like a glove— making it the ultimate spot in your home!

Is There Such Thing as Too Many Throw Pillows?
From throw pillows to matching decorative designer pillows, we offer an easy and affordable way to add a stylish look to your bedroom. If you love your fabrics and design elements from your existing window treatments, why not extend the look with custom pillows? Budget Blinds has thousands of colors and patterns to choose from to create your own personalized look. Custom throw pillows are the perfect complement to window coverings and bedding— completing your overall style and look in the bedroom! With our collection of fabrics, patterns, buttons and other embellishments, you take part in creating the perfect addition to your overall look.

Throw pillows are fun, functional and stylish! When you walk into your bedroom, they are the first thing to catch your eye and can instantly transform a room with splashes of color and texture. Choose from square, to round, to rectangular shapes to complement your style. A variety of trims with ornate or simple embellishments are available for your custom designer pillows for a modern or classic look. Comfortable throw pillows allow you to finish a décor in splendid, colorful fashion, and because they are so affordable, you can change up your look frequently.

Treat Your Feet to Premium Rugs

Not all rooms are created equal, so why do rugs seem to only come in rectangles? Not to mention the fact that many manufacturers only seem to offer standard sizes. But what if your room is too big or has odd dimensions? Any standard, rectangle rug will struggle to fit the space. This is where custom area rugs from Budget Blinds can bring a lot of value. Made in all kinds of shapes and sizes, custom rugs are designed to your exact specifications every time, no exceptions.

Budget Blinds offers a stylish collection of accent rugs that will brilliantly transform your bedroom and take it to the next level! As one of the largest pieces in any room, rugs will immediately make or break the space. That’s why choosing the right rug is key when creating your bedroom oasis. Our vast collection of rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and fabrics and weaves to brilliantly transform your room. Our selection of custom rugs makes it fun and easy to augment your existing décor. And we only work with the highest quality manufacturers, so you know you’re getting premium quality and lasting value. Plus, all of our rugs are available in the classic shapes you’ve come to expect, including circular, rectangular, runner styles and more. Choose from an array of wool yarns, bold patterns, textures and hand-tufted rugs that let you make the ultimate style statement. Many of our area rugs are made to order, allowing you to customize them to the exact size you want.

From luxurious bedding, to throw pillows and rugs, our Inspired Bedding Collection lets you explore a trove of design options that promise to turn your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary. For more information contact your local Budget Blinds design consultant today!

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