Four Tips to Help June Brides Select the Right Window Coverings

Statistics show that June is the favorite month for weddings, making June the month of brides! New brides equal new homes, so that’s a whole lot of June brides looking for stylish window treatments, evaluating different types of blinds, shutters, shades, drapes and curtain design ideas.

  • Young brides buying window coverings for the first time
  • New window treatments to coordinate combined furnishings from two households
  • Moving from singles’ quarters to a larger home with challenging windows
  • Blended families addressing child-safety issues in window coverings, and kids sharing bedrooms

How do you go about selecting the right window treatments? With all the styles, colors and options available, it can seem overwhelming. To assist all those teenaged brides, blushing brides, starry-eyed and sophisticated brides, Budget Blinds® has four tips to help with selecting the best window coverings for a new home.

Tip One:  Do NOT start with the cost

This seems like a logical place to start, but if you just look at numbers, you may be eliminating very viable options that you think you cannot afford.  With custom window coverings, there is always a range of pricing that is influenced by add-ons, luxury finishes, decorative drapery hardware, and fabric styles. Chances are that no style of window covering is unattainable, even on a budget.

Tip Two: Determine what you need your windows to do 

If you’re not sure what that means, think about these ideas for a moment.

  • Is your major concern blocking sunlight or preserving a captivating view?
  • Do you live with extreme hot and cold temperatures so that energy efficiency and maintaining comfort year round is an issue?
  • Is child-safe cordless operation an important element?
  • How much privacy and light control do you need?
  • Do you require eco-friendly window treatments?

Most of the window treatments Budget Blinds offers have the option of cordless operation and customization to fit any size or shape of window. But different window treatments have characteristics that make them good/better/best for specific benefits. For example:

  • Cellular shades are exceptional for providing energy-efficient windows.
  • Blinds and shutters provide complete light and privacy control with adjustable louvers.
  • Shades are extremely versatile in myriad styles and fabrics including solar shades, light-filtering to room-darkening roller shades and natural woven shades like wood, bamboo, and flax.

You’ll want to find the most beneficial window coverings with the esthetic that you desire.

Tip Three:  Define your decorating styles

In a new home or combining two homes into one, finding a decorating style can become challenging if you’ve never defined your decorating style or you’re trying to meld two styles that are wildly different. One way to fine-tune your collective style is with an idea book of home décor design styles you like. Create your own “what’s hot and what’s not” book and you’ll begin to see your own personal style shining through. Picture your favorite looks in your own space and you’ll begin to define your styles of decorating for new window coverings.

  • Are your furnishings traditional, contemporary, rustic, or a combination of styles?
  • Are favorite room designs neutral and calming or colorful and energizing?
  • Do you prefer vibrant prints and geometrics or solid colors in intriguing textures?
  • Do you prefer the clean look of window blinds or the pomp and circumstance of floor-to-ceiling drapes?

Tip Four:  Call your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant

Now that you’ve given some thoughtful consideration to your window covering needs, it’s time to call in the professionals. With Budget Blinds you get a free, in-home consultation with a Style Consultant who can help you translate your needs, style preferences and budget into beautiful window coverings. On your windows, you can see how samples of treatments, colors, fabrics and finishes coordinate with your wall colors and furniture, taking the guesswork out of dressing your windows.

A Budget Blinds Style Consultant can guide you in selecting the best options for your specific needs, including current colors and trends that align with your personal style.

  • Drapery panels over light-filtering shades or sheer curtains
  • Custom valances over blinds, shades, and shutters
  • Eco-friendly, natural woven shades
  • Colorful roller shades in contemporary prints
  • Blinds and shutters in tantalizing colors and finishes
  • Ready-made drapery panels to highlight windows and add softness
  • Global and ethnic inspiration in color, style and design

Budget Blinds gives you interior designer expertise and quality without the designer price for exquisite, custom window treatments to enhance every room in your home. Call 866-879-9730 today, or go online to  to find the Budget Blinds Style Consultant nearest you and schedule your free, in-home consultation. We’re the experts with blinds, shutters, window shades, drapes, curtains, decorative window film and more, including energy efficiency, child safety and smart home technology for remote control window coverings. Be sure to ask about special promotions and discounts in your area and see how much you can save!

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