Four Rooms Your Mom Would Love for You to Update for Mother’s Day

Are you always hearing your mom talk about updating a certain room in the house but she never seems to get around to it? Why not make Mother’s Day extremely special for your mom this year by updating her home with the help of Budget Blinds®? Here are four rooms that mom would love for you to make over:  

Laundry Room                                              

Doing laundry is a daunting task that everyone hates to do. Most laundry rooms can feel like a dark dungeon and no matter what you do it seems like it will always remain gloomy. This Mother’s Day update the laundry room with beautiful faux wood blinds to brighten up mom’s day. Faux wood blinds are a perfect choice to place in the laundry room because they are made from composite materials that are extremely durable, and resist cracking, chipping or peeling that moisture in the air can cause. And don’t worry about matching the laundry room’s décor because faux wood blinds come in a wide range of colors from white and neutrals, to deep wood grains, in both smooth and textured finishes. Lastly faux wood blinds block out harmful UV rays when closed which will prevent the room from heating up.



Let’s be honest. Your mom has probably not updated her bedroom since you were born. Every mother wants to makeover her bedroom, so why not make her dreams come true! Layered window coverings look beautiful in a bedroom and will help mom get a good night’s sleep. Classic wood shutters layered with custom drapery are a great idea for your mother’s room. They add a touch of elegance while providing her with excellent light and privacy control.  Shutters are an eco-friendly window covering with an insulating design that will help lower energy bills, making mom even happier. Shutters come in a variety of stains and finishes and can be custom color-matched to coordinate with your mom’s distinct style.

Custom drapery also allows your mother to express her style in a very personal way. Budget Blinds has an exclusive Inspired Drapes® collection that gives you a wide selection of drapes, soft window treatments, pillows, and bedding. With this collection, you will be able to give her bedroom a complete makeover, from the windows to bedding and even a coordinating rug.


Master Bathroom

The bathroom is a very sacred place where mothers go to escape for just a moment. It is their one spot in the house where they can close the door and have some time alone. So why not make it really special by turning it into a mini spa? To give bathrooms a beautiful and relaxing feel, roller shades with a scalloped trim provide an elegant look that will allow mom to close her shades and unwind. Roller shades are a very popular and customizable window treatment which can fit any mom’s style. Budget Blinds’ exclusive Inspired Shades™ collection features an assortment of custom roller shades in modern prints and colors that mom is sure to love. You can customize your roller shade with opacity levels from sheer to blackout to help control how much sunlight enters the room. You can also consider motorizing your roller shade to add even more convenience to your mom’s life.


If you are going to replace the window coverings in the kitchen it is important that they be beautiful and easy to open and close. In almost every kitchen, there is one window over the sink that is difficult to reach. This is the main reason why motorization is key if you are going to update this room. Motorization is not only super cool, it's very convenient. Your mom will be able to control lighting and privacy with a touch of a button. Budget Blinds offers numerous options when it comes to motorization, including motorization powered by Somfy®, and MotorEase™ by Budget Blinds. Our entire line of Inspired Shades can also be motorized for convenience. There are multiple benefits of motorization:

  • Motorized window treatments are energy saving because mom will be able to program them on timers to close at certain times of the day when direct sunlight enters rooms, which will help to save on energy costs.
  • Timers also increase privacy and security for your home allowing you to schedule your window coverings to open or close automatically, no matter where you are.
  • A major benefit that your mother will love is that motorized window coverings are cordless, making them pet and kid-friendly.

Gift Certificate

If you are unsure which room mom would most love for you to make over, why not give her the next best thing– a gift certificate? You can buy gift certificates from your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant. Then she could use her gift certificate for many different items, including:

  • Custom shutters
  • Roman shades or roller shades
  • Custom blinds
  • Drapery and custom bedding
  • And much more…

This year give your mom something that she deserves and wants. Contact your local Style Consultant today to plan out the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day. Call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to

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