Five Tips to a Safe Playroom

Before you know it, summer will be here and schools will be out. You have a lot to prepare before you have the kids home full-time. It is important to have a space in your home that is just for the children, like a playroom. This will be the location in your home that your kids can call their own; somewhere they can entertain themselves when you need a break. It is exciting to have them home, but you have to make sure you have everything in order for their safety, especially if you have different ages of children using the same playroom. Budget Blinds® is offering you five tips for creating a safe playroom.

Durable Furniture
Since your children will be spending a majority of their time in the playroom, it is important that they remain safe at all times. When it comes to furniture it is crucial for it to be high-quality, sturdy products. Many products state that they are non-toxic, but that doesn’t mean during the manufacturing process they didn’t come in contact with toxic materials. For parents, it is necessary to select furniture that is safe, durable and made for kids, you don’t want to have large furniture in the playroom that your children can’t comfortably and safely use. Beware of flimsy, plastic chairs that can buckle under their weight.  The last but most important tip when it comes to playroom furniture is to make sure that any pieces are mounted properly and securely to the wall or floor for your child���s safety. Be sure TV’s, chests of drawers and shelves cannot be pulled down.

Kid-Friendly Flooring
Kids are known for playing on the floor, so that is why it is important to have kid-friendly flooring for your child’s playroom. There are three great options when choosing flooring, including carpet, hardwood flooring and floor mats and rugs. Carpet is a wonderful option if you are looking for soft flooring. Hardwood flooring is great because it will withstand years of use. Floor mats and rugs are the ultimate option that allows you to add a soft touch to your hard surface flooring like wood or title.  Budget Blinds offers a variety of design options for children’s rugs that will match any child’s room décor.  They are easy to clean when playtime is over, and regular cleaning will prevent dust and dirt build-up, especially critical if your child has allergies.

Motorized Window Coverings
Motorized window coverings are a must-have in your child’s playroom. Every year, there are injuries to babies and young children caused by dangling cords. That is why it is necessary to have motorized window coverings in every room of your home, but especially the rooms in which your children spend most of their time. Motorized window treatments will ensure your child’s safety at all times, which is a parent’s main goal. They will also protect your children and your furnishings by blocking harmful UV rays. Best of all, motorized window treatments powered by Somfy® and MotorEase™ by Budget Blinds come in a variety of options from blinds to drapery to match your child’s playroom.

Safe Toys

Your children’s toys are the most important items to have in their playroom if you ask them! Here are some helpful tips to ensure that playtime is fun and safe:

  • Age-appropriate toys: Make sure your child has toys that show the correct “recommended age” label. Even though your child may be advanced and play with older kids, it is important that they play with the correct age-appropriate toys.
  • Separate toy storage: Keep toys for children of different ages separate. Baskets on the floor and low shelves will allow little ones to put away their own toys. Older kids can use higher shelves or enclosed cabinets for their toys.
  • Non-toxic toys: All toys seem safe when they are wrapped in a package but the truth is you cannot be sure what chemicals they came in contact with while being made. There are many types of chemicals that are used so make sure you look for toys that are marked non-toxic.
  • No toys with strings or cords: Toys with long strings and cords can be life-threatening when it comes to children. It is important to keep these out of reach.
  • No heavy toys: Toys that are heavy can physically hurt a child. That is why it’s important to get light, easy-to-carry toys. If a toy is too heavy it can fall on top of a child, causing injury.

Safe Art Supplies
Kids love arts and crafts! If you are going to have a designated area for art supplies in your child’s playroom, make sure to buy art supplies that are safe for children. Choose products that are made from safe, non-toxic materials. Common supplies like glue and scissors can be harmful if not used properly. Be sure to keep them out of your child’s reach as they should only be used with supervision.

The time has come to roll up your sleeves and get to work on creating the perfect playroom. Show your kids how much you care with a safe place to call their own.  Use these helpful tips to create your child’s picture-perfect playroom. Now, what are you waiting for? Summer’s almost here!

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