The Existing Window Coverings You Love Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

Do you have window treatments at home that you absolutely love, but wish they were motorized? You are in luck! Budget Blinds offers retrofit solutions which allow you to make your current window treatments motorized. Get your home a whole lot smarter today with the help of your local Budget Blinds!

Smart, connected technology is now integrated into every part of our homes, from the living room to the kitchen and even the bathroom. With retrofit solutions, you can raise and lower your window treatments at your preferred time of day.  Or when you want a little more privacy or to block the glare from coming into your home, you can also do so with the touch of a button! At Budget Blinds, we’re here to help keep you up to date and on-trend with motorization.

Elevate your lifestyle and your existing window treatments beautifully with motorized retrofit solutions from our exclusive Smart Home Collection. Now it’s more affordable and easier than ever to upgrade your home’s existing shades and blinds with state-of-the-art motorization. Yes, that’s right— The Smart Home Collection from Budget Blinds makes retrofitting the blinds and shades you already love even more beautiful, and at a price that will make you smile.

Many older window treatments use simple, manual cords and pull to allow you to raise and lower them. While these cords are functional, they can be unsafe if you have small children in your home. Retrofitting your current window coverings will eliminate dangling cords and reduce the risk of accidents for children and pets. Our unique retrofit solutions allow you to keep the existing window treatments you know and love and lets you experience a new level of enhanced privacy, energy savings, and money savings!

From the added convenience of programming your window coverings to open or close at preferred times of the day to built-in temperature sensors for automated operation, converting your existing window treatments with our motorized retrofit solution provides an array of benefits. And by upgrading your existing window treatments using our retrofit motorization solutions, you can realize significant savings compared to an all-new motorized system. You’ll see your windows and your window coverings in a whole new light with remote-friendly, automated operation from an industry leader. Now the blinds and shades you already own can open and close at the touch of a button!   

Smart Blinds

Motorized retrofit solutions are a superb value because they allow you to use your existing blinds— which saves you time and money! If you already have blinds that are in good condition, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when they can easily be retrofitted. It is a great way to make the upgrades you have been seeking without breaking your budget. Make your home smart and safe with a few simple changes.

Smart blinds offer an unmatched level of convenience, privacy, and automation all at the touch of a button. Select from several control options - from wireless wall switches to hand-held remotes to raise and lower your blinds.  In addition, for homes with children or pets, upgrading your existing window treatments to motorized operation offers an enhanced level of safety since there are no dangling cords. That’s one less thing to worry about in your household— you are welcome! Another great feature is being able to program your motorized blinds to close when the sun is shining to keep fabrics, rugs, upholstery, and artwork from fading. In addition, programming your window coverings on timers helps save on energy costs.  Now that’s smart!

Window Blinds

Smart Shades

With motorized retrofit solutions, your shades will open and close at the touch of a button, or at a preselected time of day or night, giving you effortless control with your window coverings.  Motorized shades perform beautifully and add a new dimension to your at-home lifestyle. They are a perfect automated solution for rooms such as home theater spaces and master bedrooms where convenient light-darkening is often preferred-- get that extra sleep and theater-like experience in the comfort of your own home!  Motorized shades are also great for those hard-to-reach windows. Let the remote do the work for you! Our retrofit solution has unique sensors that help increase energy efficiency by automatically adjusting shades with rising temperatures. The built-in temperature sensors manage glare and heat coming into your home effortlessly and make it easy for you to enjoy the home environment you prefer.  

Window Shades

Treat yourself to enhanced privacy, energy efficiency and convenience with a motorized retrofit operation. The Smart Home Collection from Budget Blinds offers an unmatched selection of blinds and shades that pair with motorized solutions to make your home a whole lot smarter. For more information contact your local Budget Blinds design consultant today!

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