Everyone Loves a Gift Certificate

When the holidays come around, we all go a little crazy trying to find the perfect gift for our loved ones and friends. But in all honesty, most people just want a gift certificate. A gift certificate is an ideal gift because the recipient can get something that they pick out. Even if the gift certificate is for a store they normally don’t go to, they still will find something they need or want as long as they get to choose it.

Some people think a gift certificate is not personal, but the truth is that it can be. It shows you care about the person’s time and you let them have a choice in their gift. You don’t waste their time by putting the person through the after-holiday returning or exchanging. There is nothing worse than going to a store after the holidays and trying to return something that was never wanted in the first place. Plus, they have to wait in long lines and at times they are not able to return it without the receipt. So why not give a gift certificate from Budget Blinds®? They can update their home with custom window coverings or bedding and decorative pillows in any style they desire.

Budget Blinds Gift Certificates

Are you surprised that Budget Blinds has gift certificates? Well they do! Now you can give a gift that people want since there is always something to improve in their homes. You can buy gift certificates from your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant. Budget Blinds gift certificates can be used for many different items, including:

How Do I Purchase a Budget Blinds Gift Certificate?

Every Budget Blinds location serves a specific area, so, for a distant friend, visit our website to search for the local Budget Blinds where they live and arrange a gift certificate through their nearest location. Call the local Budget Blinds Style Consultant for all details and to purchase the gift certificate. The stylized gift packet includes a mini-brochure of design ideas along with the gift certificate in a custom envelope.

Drop a Hint for Your Very Own Budget Blinds Gift Certificate!

Sometimes you have to give your loved ones a hint about what you would like for the holidays. Have you been dreaming of updating your window treatments and haven’t gotten around to it? If so, a Budget Blinds gift certificate sounds like a perfect gift for you! Budget Blinds has a variety of custom window treatments, including blinds, shutters, shades, drapery, window film, and more, to make your home comfortable and stylish. We even have window treatments for those odd-shaped and hard-to-reach windows that you have been dying to cover. Here are some ideas for using your Budget Blinds gift certificate:

  • Faux wood blinds give your home a classic look that is extremely durable. They come in a variety of colors from whites to textured finishes to fit your home’s décor.
  • Custom-fit shutters can be tailor-made to cover those uniquely shaped windows. They are ideal to cover those hard-to-reach windows, and some styles of shutters can be motorized for the ultimate convenience.
  • Shades are the most versatile window treatment and they come in over 80 contemporary prints and colors. They are very user-friendly and are available with cordless lift for a child-safe environment.
  • Drapery styles come in ready-made panels or completely custom design and range from trendy to modern to dress up your windows. Window treatments can be layered with drapery panels to complete your window fashion.

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