Enjoy Your Skylight Windows at All Times with Custom Window Treatments

Skylights provide your home with amazing views while letting in beams of natural sunlight. Creating charm and an extra design element in your home, skylights are a wonderful sought-after feature. However, sometimes you may want to filter the outside light pouring in through your uncovered skylight with custom window treatments.  At Budget Blinds we’re here to help!  Allow the beauty of the outdoors in, but at your control.

Skylights are a beautiful feature in any home that lets in natural light, expands a room and offers a gorgeous view. They make the room brighter and give it a more open feeling. But, then there’s that downside. The room gets considerably hotter in the summer, colder in the winter, and furnishings begin to fade. But don’t worry, you can make the most out of your skylight window by covering it with a custom window treatment. With expansive views to the sky, skylights fitted with window treatments offer a dramatic design accent that also adds enduring value to your home.

From our manually controlled blinds and shades to our ultra-convenient motorized operating systems, Budget Blinds is your difference maker when it comes to helping you bring the outdoors inside. Available in a variety of trend-forward styles, fabrics, and colors, our shades and blinds perform beautifully so you can let natural, dynamic lighting envelop your interior in grand fashion.

Cellular Shades

The most common type of skylight window treatment is the cellular shade. They can be custom-made to fit perfectly into a skylight window. Customized cellular shades provide excellent home insulation to help reduce your energy bill, while also blocking harmful UV rays. Cellular shades are the most insulating window treatments on the market, making them the best window treatments for your skylights. Trapping air in between the skylight window and your home, cellular shades honeycomb cells are what make them top-notch insulators. By blocking and trapping intrusive sunlight at the point of entry, cellular shades will help keep your home cool while also cutting down on energy costs during the warmest months of the year. Available in a wide variety of colors, you will have no problem blending in your skylight shades with the rest of your home décor. Our innovative honeycomb-shape cells offer luxurious versatility in three cell sizes, along with a wide range of light control levels— including sheer, light filtering, room-darkening and blackout fabrics which help with light control and insulation.

Motorization is Key

As if you needed another reason to love cellular skylight shades, you can also make them motorized so you’ll never have to climb up to open and close your shade. You won’t have to worry about glaring sunlight or UV damage to your furniture due to your skylight window. Fully enjoy all of the benefits of having this architectural feature in your home while preventing the negative side-effects. Motorization offers homeowners the option to adjust their skylight shades with the simple click of a button, or throughout the day with pre-programmable settings. Skylights are generally hard-to-reach windows and motorization allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a skylight window whenever you choose. Motorization lets you control the light with the touch of a button. It will also help prevent too much light and heat from coming in through your skylight because you can program your window coverings to operate even when you are not at home. You can also set timers to open and close at certain times of the day which will help reduce heat and save you money on your energy bill.  You can choose from an array of control options such as wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, and apps that allow you to control your window covering from any location. Doesn’t that sound ideal?

Add a Blackout Option

Further, customize your cellular skylight shades by choosing to either softly filter light through the shade or completely black out your room altogether. Depending on the opacity of the shade you choose for your skylight, you will be able to block outside light from entering and enjoy viewing your television or computer screen with no glare. Also, if your skylight is in your bedroom, by adding a skylight shade you will be creating a better sleeping environment to take those much-needed afternoon naps or to sleep in on the weekends.

With our variety of custom skylight shades, we help insulate, provide light control and can help lower your energy bills. Whether transparent, light-filtering, room-darkening, manually operated or motorized, our window treatments will make your home more comfortable and efficient.

By adding shades or blinds to your skylight you will be able to control the outside light to your liking, better insulate your home and create better sleeping and entertainment experiences. These window coverings are easy to operate and can be custom made to fit your skylight. We can help you see the light with all sorts of customizable solutions for your skylight window treatments. For more information contact your local Budget Blinds design consultant today!

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