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At Budget Blinds, we provide unparalleled service from precise measurement to installation, so you can relax and enjoy! Sure, we’ve built an enviable reputation with our premium window treatments and other fine décor products, but we don’t stop there. Budget Blinds makes it easy, affordable, and beautiful to enhance energy savings with an outstanding collection of energy-efficient window treatments.

Windows allow the beauty of the outdoors into the home, but also allow air to escape which causes excessive consumption of costly energy to properly heat and cool your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, roughly 25% of annual heating and cooling costs are because of air leakage through windows— and this percentage can increase to as much as 40% in older homes. The fact is that many times our windows are not properly insulated. One way to avoid this expense is to invest in new energy-efficient window coverings. You won’t have to sacrifice style with efficiency with our vast selection of energy-efficient window treatments by Budget Blinds— Get inspired!

Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized window coverings by Budget Blinds not only add convenience by simultaneously opening or closing window coverings throughout your home, but can be set on timers with sensors to maximize or minimize heat gain as needed— making them the ultimate energy-efficient choice! Motorized window coverings offer an unmatched level of convenience, privacy and automation— all at the touch of a button. Unique sensors allow you to increase energy efficiency by automatically adjusting blinds with rising temperatures. In addition, program your motorized shades to close when the sun is shining to keep fabrics, rugs, upholstery and artwork from fading.

Wood Shutters

Hardwood shutters use an insulating design that helps make indoor spaces cooler in summer and warmer in winter, keeping your room at an ideal temperature. Authentic wood shutters from Budget Blinds are made of the highest-grade North American hardwoods and harvested from certified forests to help conserve the environment. Their wood grain luster, coupled with louvers that provide exceptional light control, elevate a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary. They are made from water-resistant polymer and are highly energy-efficient, thus lowering your energy bills while adding value to your home. With texture-rich wood tones in a variety of stains and finishes to choose from, you can find the perfect match for any room in your home!


Cellular Shades

Cellular shades create form and function like no other. Take your home’s décor to another level with the sleek efficiency that cellular shades from Budget Blinds delivers.  With a wide range of opacity choices— from transparent, to light-filtering, to room-darkening— you customize the amount of natural light entering your home. Our cellular shades come in an array of décor-friendly colors and their honeycomb-shaped pockets keep air from escaping or entering your home to enhance a room's overall energy efficiency. They offer simple modern styling and will help you save money on your energy bill— win, win! In addition, cellular shades are great for homes with children and pets with their cordless operating system. 


Roman Shades

Roman shades are made of a thick insulating material, making them a great choice for energy efficiency in your home. Budget Blinds offers a stunning collection of Roman shades that will transform a room instantly. A wide variety of styles, including balloon shades, tear drop shades, cascading folds and relaxed folds are available, and since our fabrics provide extra insulation, you will notice your energy bills reduce too! Roman shades are highly versatile and functional, so they can fit the décor in any style room from traditional to modern. They offer increased energy efficiency by keeping warm air in during the winter months and cooler air in during the summer. For a covering that keeps temperatures at the desired level and creates a classic, stylish look, go for Roman Shades.


Solar Shades

Thanks to their varying opacity levels, solar shades serve as an effective shield against solar heat gain, which helps to keep your energy costs down. If you are looking for an insulating window treatment that doesn’t block your view of the outdoors, look no further than solar shades. With their sleek, modern appearance, solar shades add refined style while providing valuable UV protection from sunlight, protecting your flooring and furniture from fading or cracking. And for additional design flair and energy efficiency, they pair well with draperies to provide enhanced insulation during the winter and summer seasons.



Add an extra layer of insulation on top of your choice of blinds or shades with draperies. We love the look of beautiful drapes on top of sleek cellular or Roman shades. Combining the two gives you the ability to create the perfect look on the inside of your home while efficiently keeping temperatures at your desired level.  With an impressive range of bold colors, elegant prints and sumptuous textures, our panels transform a room instantly. During the summer, using draperies on windows that receive direct daylight can reduce heat increases by 33%. In cold regions, drapes can reduce indoor heat loss by as much as 10%. No matter what you choose as the first layer of insulation, you should always consider including drapery for maximum efficiency. 

If you thought you had to sacrifice style points for energy-efficient window fashions then think again. Our innovative energy-efficient window coverings provide effective insulation, offering your home increased protection against heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. For more information contact your local Budget Blinds design consultant today!

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