Dress Up Your Windows for the New Year

10…9…8…7…6…5… oh wait! Did you find the perfect outfit for the New Year’s Eve Party? Prepping for New Year’s Eve can be stressful enough but finding something to wear takes the cake. It takes a lot of effort and time deciding what to wear and what jewelry will look best for your enchanting evening. The same idea can go for dressing up your windows with new window treatments for the New Year. Budget Blinds® is giving you four steps to dress up your windows.

1. Pick What Type of Window Covering Works Best For Your Home

The first step is figuring out what style of window treatment will look best, which is similar to deciding whether to wear a dress or a top and pant for the party.  Choosing what window covering you prefer and their benefits can be challenging. But don’t worry; Budget Blinds offers a wide variety of window coverings including blinds, shutters, shades, and drapery.

2. Color, Fabric, and Finish

After deciding what window covering is best for you, the next step is to pick the color, fabric or finish of the window covering. It is similar to finding the perfect dress for New Year’s but it comes in tons of options like solid or print, in silk, cotton, stain or linen. This step can be tough since there are so many choices.  Choosing your window treatment’s color, fabric and finish can be challenging, but a Budget Blinds Style Consultant can walk you through what options work best for your home’s style and for you.

Color: Color is important when choosing any window treatment. It helps coordinate with your room’s décor and brings a pop of color to help create a distinctive ambiance.

Fabric: For all types of shades, fabric plays a large role because it brings texture into your room. Solids are classic and beautiful while printed fabrics liven the space like art work for your windows.

Finish: The finish on blinds or shutters is important because it can bring a particular look to a room. You may want a distressed wood blind to create a rustic vibe or a smooth finish that gives a sleek, modern look.

3. Layering

Layering is the third step, similar to picking a sweater or a jacket for your outfit. If you would like more coverage for your window treatment, layering drapery is a perfect choice. Drapery may seem fancy and complicated, but it is not. It can really transform a room from drab to glam. Layering drapery on top of your window treatment can bring major personality into your room creating a perfect setting. Budget Blinds offers window drapes in a variety of bold prints and patterns that offer light and privacy control. Also, your drapery can be motorized making them super convenient and safe to operate.

4. Accessories

The last step is accessorizing your New Year’s Eve outfit with jewelry, scarves or belts. Did you know that you can do the same with your window treatments? By adding small details like tassels or jewels on a roller shade, you can take it from ordinary to designer instantly. For drapery, jeweled edging can be added to the drapery alone or the tie-backs. Add a little more drama to your window treatment with Budget Blinds decorative hardware. You can choose from wooden rods in fashionable finishes, metals in dozens of colors and styles, and finials that include sculpted, natural, crystal and glass designs.

Start the New Year right by creating your dream window! You can dress up your window with a singular window treatment or get a complete makeover with drapery and decorative hardware. Window coverings are complete outfits for your home so make sure they are unique and beautiful for the New Year.

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