Decorating Your Mantel All Year Long

Let’s be honest, your mantel above the fireplace is one of the most important focal points in your home. A well-designed mantel is a direct reflection of your personal style and can be interchanged throughout the seasons. Want to update your mantel, but not sure where to begin? Budget Blinds has come up with some tips and ideas to get you on your way to a stylish display that will fit your home perfectly!

Seasonal Spirit

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Although it’s not your everyday décor, decorating your fireplace mantel for the holidays is an easy place to start when you're changing up your home’s décor. Embrace the seasons and not just the ones at the end of the year. Add fresh flowers in the spring, tall grasses or bowls of fruit in the summer, or vases of cranberries as fall approaches to keep your mantel current. Another fun idea is adding a chalkboard or wooden sign to your mantel—write your favorite autumn quote surrounded by pumpkins, candles, and wheat to create the perfect fall display. Want to take it a step further? Add custom throw pillows to your couch to match your decor. Choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to interchange for every season!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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If a framed art piece or clock isn’t your style, try a mirror instead! You can find them in nearly any shape and size based on your personal preference to hang directly above your mantel or simply lean against the wall. Mirrors are a great way to help brighten your living room and make space feel larger. You can even dress it up with a couple vases and a stack of old books to really make your mantel come to life.

Lighting Goes a Long Way

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If your mantel is against a large wall and you are looking to add a bold statement, try sconces! Whether industrial-style, lanterns or simple candle sconces it will give your mantel definition and a stylish source of light. Add a mirror or your favorite art piece in between and you are good to go! You can even accessorize with smaller statement pieces below the sconces to create the perfect balance.

Overlapping Pieces

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A simple design trick that is very popular right now is layering pieces on top of each other to create the perfect off-balance look. Make sure the pieces vary in height and width to make your mantel really stand out. We love the idea of overlapping multiple picture frames that are completely different, yet similar all at the same time. Add a vase with some greenery, a candle holder or similar statement piece as bookends to complete the look. You may also consider adding a beautiful area rug to complement your mantel design—bringing your look full circle!

Pop of Greenery

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Adding a pop of green to your mantel will complement any design style! A succulent gives a more desert boho vibe, while floral arrangements bring a feminine flair. Tall greenery plants are a very popular choice as it gives a more natural and delicate look to your design. A bonus to tall plants is adding eye-catching height!

Get Artsy

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Whether you are an art connoisseur or simply like gazing at your favorite painting or photograph, an art display is a great way to decorate your mantel. You can make a statement with a single large art piece that reflects your style or create a gallery wall of your favorite photos either hung above the mantel or sitting on top of it. You could also add custom draperies to your living room space to tie in similar colors and help complete your mantel design. 

Have fun decorating your mantel to best fit your style! Interchange throughout the seasons or create a look you can use all year long. The best part of a mantel is having the flexibility to move things around and try something new! We hope these design tips from Budget Blinds were helpful. For more information contact your Budget Blinds style consultant today.

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