Decorating for Thanksgiving

Decorating for the holidays offers the chance to utilize your space in a way that gets you excited for the season ahead. Your windows are prime decorating territory, especially when you already have beautiful window treatments.Picking Window Treatments

Picking window treatments that work year-round

When choosing window treatments for your home, you want to choose something that will complement your home’s aesthetic year-round. Whether you choose beautiful drapery or wooden shutters, it’s important that they reflect your personal style.

When you have a strong foundation for your home’s aesthetic, decorating your home for the holidays is much easier. Added functionality like motorized blinds or blackout shades can also elevate your interior.

Window clings

Whether you want to create your own leafy window clings or use a Thanksgiving-themed window cling set, window clings offer a great way to set a fall-themed stage. This could be a great way to decorate if you have shutters on your window.

Simply open up your shutters and hang your window clings of choice. When your shutters are open or you open their louvers, you’ll feel like you’re bringing fall indoors.

Hang a wreath on your window

If you have drapes surrounding your windows, you could hang a wreath in between them. A Thanksgiving-inspired wreath would be a beautiful piece to have framed between your drapes. If your curtains have rich warm colors you can draw these colors out with a fall wreath.

Create a gorgeous Thanksgiving window box

Window boxes can add a pop of color or decor inside or outside. If you want an indoor window box, you may need to set your blinds at just the right height: usually a few inches above the top of the window box's decorations. If you have motorized shades, you’ll be able to showcase your window box with ease.

Some decoration ideas for a window box include gourds, squash, pumpkins, Fall flowers, apples, cinnamon sticks, fall leaves, dried corn or your favorite fall or Thanksgiving decor items, including turkeys.

Hang fall window decorations from your curtains

If you have a valance across the top of your windows, this is a great opportunity to utilize in your Thanksgiving decorating. Window valances are beautiful parts of window treatments that are often overlooked in holiday decorating.

You can drape fall garlands across the top of your valances. These garlands could be made of faux fall leaves, cornucopia inspired fruits, or even a turkey-cutout garland. You could also try draping burlap ribbon mixed in with a garland of berries and branches over the top of the window or bringing it down the sides of your window for a gorgeous, slightly rustic look for Thanksgiving decorating.

Take advantage of lights

With the right lighting, you can really make your window decor shine. Break out your white twinkle lights a little early and lace them through your over-the-window decor, valances, or window box.

Place an electric candle in each of your windows, or use them as part of your window box display. You could also choose a pre-lit wreath to help add a little warm light as the nights start to grow colder and the days get shorter.

Utilize fall flowers

Do you have flower pots or planter boxes just outside your window? They could offer a great opportunity to brighten up your windows and add that gorgeous fall color. Update your flowers to fall favorites like mums, asters or marigolds.

If you live in an area where temperatures drop early in fall, consider bringing your fall plants inside. A table under the window or a window box could allow your plants to get plenty of sunlight while still protecting them from frost. If you have your window treatments integrated into your smart home setup, you can even schedule when your plants get sun indoors.Decorating for Thanksgiving

Use windows to help welcome in friends and family

If you plan to host Thanksgiving this year, use your windows to invite your friends and family to join you. Using paint pens on your window allows you to share your feelings of thankfulness. Use your calligraphy skills to share a simple statement about counting your blessings, to welcome people to the table or simply remind them to remain thankful in all they do. You can add a few decorative leaves, pumpkins or other accents, but you can also keep it simple.

Decorating for Thanksgiving starts with your windows and spreads throughout the house. Your windows offer a peek at the warm, welcoming environment you created inside that awaits your family and friends around the Thanksgiving table.

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