Control Your Home from Your Smartphone

Technology is taking over and it’s about time! We use technology daily to check emails, work, play and even pay bills. We have created strong bonds with our devices because it makes our lives convenient and it is super “cool.” Our smart devices can do so much, even controlling multiple items in the home like:

  • Programming the coffee maker so it brews when your alarm goes off
  • Monitoring the thermostat from an app on your phone to conserve energy and lower your energy bill
  • Turning on your car and the air conditioner before getting in
  • Arming or disarming your home security systems before you walk through the door

Technology makes our lives easier in every way

The Next BIG Thing

The next “BIG” thing when it comes to technology and a smart household is your window treatments. Today you can get all your window coverings motorized to accommodate your futuristic lifestyle. Budget Blinds® offers a wide arrangement of chic and fashionable window coverings that are motorized by Somfy®. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized motors and control systems for over 40 years. These motorized window coverings give you multiple choices for control options, including wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, timers, sensors and the newest technology, the Somfy® myLinkTM app, a central control for all your window coverings.

How Somfy myLinkTM Works

It is crazy to think that an app on a smart device can control your window coverings, but it’s true! The free Somfy® myLinkTM app helps your life become more convenient.

  • Your myLinkTM can feature five channels which control up to five different motorized window coverings or five groups of motorized coverings
  • It allows you to mix and match motorized window coverings to open and close in unison as well as manage control zones in your home
  • The Somfy® app allows you to maximize the benefits of technology for your home


Somfy® myLinkTM app can be used on a smartphone or a tablet

Why Schedule With Your App

From your myLinkTM app, you can program timers and sensors to:

  • Open and close your window coverings to block the sun, controlling room temperatures
  • Close your window treatment to protect from harmful UV rays
  • Eliminate dangling cords making your home safe for children or pets
  • Program your window covering to close for security (even when you’re not home)
  • Have the ultimate convenience of one-touch operation – even remotely
  • Save the wear and tear of manual operation from repeated use

Somfy® myLinkTM app is so easy to use

How It Can Help

Child’s Room

Having motorized window treatments can protect your children. Every year there are injuries including deaths, caused by window covering dangling cords. If they are not properly secured, they can become a health hazard to a child. That is why motorized window treatments are ideal for your children’s rooms. You can rest assured knowing that they are safe.

Persons with limited mobility or seniors

Getting older can be difficult for some people who can no longer do activities that were once so easy. Opening and closing window treatments manually can be difficult for anyone and, for seniors, it can be extremely hard. Adding motorization will allow them to still have control of light and privacy in the home.

Energy Saving

Having motorized window treatments can save you money. Programming your window coverings with your app can ultimately lower your energy bill. Programming your windows to open and close during peak hours of sunshine prevents you from having to use your air or heater as much.

Skylights and hard-to-reach windows

Almost every home has one window that is hard-to-reach, especially behind the tub or over the kitchen sink. Sometimes we cover these windows with treatments and never use them because it is super inconvenient to reach. So instead of putting yourself in harm’s way to open your window, you can have it motorized to make your life easier.

Know your children are safe when you have cordless, motorized window coverings

Technology Rules

It is amazing that motorized window coverings can do so much. Don’t miss out on this hot item. Motorization can change your life in many ways. Keep up with the times and impress all your friends with your trending, app-controlled window treatments.  

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