Color Trends For 2021: Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Gray?

With the challenges of 2020, is it finally time to say goodbye to gray as the most popular paint color in home interiors? If the Color of the Year announcements are any indication, one is a resounding “Yes!” And the other, “Well, wait just a minute. “

For years gray has been the dominate interior paint color from walls to cabinets and flooring to furniture and window treatments. Gray has been the go-to neutral, because it is that very thing, a neutral color. It is a blending of black and white and is devoid of color. For many it is a calming backdrop that is “just there”. It is stable and unemotional. Color psychologists call gray a subdued quiet color that does not stimulate, energize, or rejuvenate. For years it was the color we came home to in an attempt to escape the chaotic world outside of our homes. But what happens when our lives are turned upside down? When we now spend every waking hour at home. We even work from home. Is gray still that calming neutral or has it turned into a sad and depressing color that we want to change?

Sherwin Williams still sees gray as a dominant interior color, but just accented with bolder deeper shades and more contrast. With their announcement of Urbane Bronze as their 2021 Color Of The Year, they are predicting that the high contrast of dark gray with white walls and the simplicity of minimalism mixed with nature will continue to sooth our souls as we enter in to a new year. This is not a “new” color, it is a paint color that many interior designers have used for years. It is most often used as an accent color on doors, windows, and cabinets or moody, dramatic office walls. Combined with natural wood finishes, stone accents and mixed metals it is a color that warms up neutral grays and whites. Urbane Bronze gives a nature inspired simplicity to a room. A bold from the ground up sense of calm. In essence, in a year of uncertainty, it gives you a sense of being grounded as you enter a space. It is a color that turns your home into a place to reflect and renew. Two things we will all be doing as we enter into a new year.

Urbane Bronze SW COTY 2021 Moodboard Photo Collage

In contrast Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2021 is Aegean Teal. A bright, happy color. Not a color to invoke calm, but a color to RESET the new year. As Andrea Magno, director of color marketing and development with Benjamin Moore paint says about their color choice, “Aegean Teal is a color to nourish your spirit, it is intriguing, balanced and deeply soothing. It is a color that inspires us to enjoy our homes. To ‘settle in’ and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.”

Aegean Teal BM COTY 2021 Moodboard Photo Collage

When updating your home with new color trends, you do not need to repaint your entire house! Aegean Teal is the perfect accent to add that pop of color to your home for 2021. Or add some contrast with the deep richness of Urbane Bronze. For the best of both worlds combine them. You may be wondering how you can achieve this. The good news is, Budget Blinds has lots of options for simple updates to refresh and reset your home for 2021.

Consider throw pillows for a quick pop of color.

Throw pillows are the quickest and easiest way to add a new color to your home. Not sure if Teal is the right color for you. Try it out on a couple of throw pillows in various sizes. Mix them in with existing grey pillows to brighten up your space. The good thing about pillows is that they are portable and versatile. Meaning if you don’t like them on your living room sofa, then move them to another room! Budget Blinds offers an array of sizes from decorative throw pillows to Euros and lumbar pillows to coordinate with your existing bedding.

Benjamin Moore Pillows

Add drapery panels to existing blinds to brighten and update.

Want to update a space, but already have blinds? Add decorative drapery panels on either side as an accent.  This is also a great way to make your window appear wider and taller. Budget Blinds offers a wide range of fabrics for decorative drapery panels in custom lengths. Choose from grommet, back tab, and pleated panels in a variety of fabrics from solids to prints. Decorative panels are the perfect way to add color and softness to your windows. They will add a layer of additional light control on the sides of your windows too! Budget Blinds also has an array of drapery hardware for you to choose from, in finishes from brushed nickel and acrylic to bronze, gold and black. Add finials that reflect your style, from modern sleek finials to ornate or traditional. Budget Blinds offers a wide selection of styles that fit your personality and budget.

Hardware Rowley

Select Fabric Valances and Cornices to refresh a room

Not a fan of drapes? Or maybe they are not practical with your busy household or furry four-legged family members. Choose to add a colorful valance or cornice to your windows. This is a great way to update and add color without redoing your entire window. Select from streamlined cornices for a modern look or rod pocket valances for a more casual style. Budget Blinds has a large collection of styles for you to choose from, as well as an array of fabrics from solids to stripes, florals, ikats and modern geometrics. Let us help you design the perfect accent for your windows to update that home office or kitchen window. After all, you are spending a lot of time at home, why not enjoy the view!

For comfort and a cohesive color palette, add a rug.

Rugs have the ability to not only add softness and sound absorption to a room, but they can unite a color palette. For example, select a rug with a variety of colors in it. Use the rugs pattern and colors as your inspiration and color palette. Select accent colors out of the rug for solid pillows and accessories throughout the space. Choose a neutral color from the rug for your wall color and your window treatments. Using the rug as your guide you will create a cohesive look, blending color, pattern and texture into a stylish space.

Dalyn Rugs

No one knows for sure what 2021 will bring, but there is one thing we know, it will be colorful! Need to update and refresh for the new year, click here to find the nearest Budget Blinds or call to schedule a complimentary consultation with your local Budget Blinds Design Consultant. Let Budget Blinds help you find the perfect color accent for your home.