Budget Blinds' Guide to Window Blinds

Subtleties often make the biggest impact in home décor. Window blinds in particular aren't just practical, balancing light control and privacy, but they also add an element of design to your home. 

Navigating through the list of choices available and ensuring your blinds are right for your space might seem challenging, but with our guide, we hope to help you select the ideal window blinds for your home.

Understanding Different Types of Window Blinds

From classic venetian blinds to contemporary motorized blinds, there are numerous window blind options available to suit any style and need. Custom blinds come in vinyl, aluminum, and composite materials for a more contemporary look, while wood blinds, both natural and faux wood, bring a touch of nature indoors. 

But besides the basics, what does each style bring to the table? We've broken them down for you with an easy-to-read rundown of all your options.

Height, Dimension, and Durability: Vertical Blinds

Tall windows or sliding doors? Go vertical! Our custom vertical blinds come with wand tilt options (no cords here!) for child and pet safety.

With a rainbow of colors and durable materials, they're built to last and impress. 

Room-darkening is perfected with S-shaped vanes that merge soft drapery elegance with the robustness of PVC vinyl. These blinds feature a heavy-duty head rail system for enduring alignment and a quiet operation that suits large windows and sliding doors perfectly. 

With a vast array of patterns, styles, fabrics, and colors, vertical blinds are crafted to withstand intense heat, sunlight, and humidity. Besides enhancing spatial perception by adding height and dimension to rooms, vertical blinds boast easy maintenance, cleanliness, and longevity, making them a practical and stylish choice for any setting.

Vertical Blinds Living Room Enlightened Style-1650x1069 (1).jpg

Versatile and Protective: Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl Blinds are a versatile and durable window treatment solution, harmonizing effortlessly with your home's existing aesthetic through an extensive palette of colors and textures. 

Designed to shield interiors from harmful UV rays, these blinds are effective in protecting furniture and floors from sun damage while providing superior privacy options, including cloth tapes to conceal route holes for additional light control. 

They pair seamlessly with vinyl vertical blinds, creating a cohesive designer look across various window sizes and styles, especially in rooms with larger windows and patio doors. 

Crafted from easy-to-clean, stain-resistant PVC, these blinds promise longevity with minimal upkeep. For households prioritizing safety and ease, motorized tilt options offer an advanced solution, affording convenient adjustment with just the touch of a button—ideal for homes with young children or pets. 

With a broad selection of sought-after textures and hues, vinyl blinds can perfectly complement both new and existing decors, elevating the functionality and style of any space.

Vinyl Horizontal Blinds Bedroom Signature Series-1729x1102 (1) (1).jpg

Tech-Forward: Motorized Blinds

With today’s technological advancements, smart home automation is available for motorized window coverings. Blinds that tilt automatically based on where the sun is are perfect for modern living, offering everything from temperature-sensitive adjustments to one-touch room transformations. 

Set your blinds on timers to optimize natural light throughout the day, aiding in energy reduction and offering a sense of security. At the same time, the programmable settings protect your interior from the sun's glare, preserving the color and integrity of fabrics and art.

Motorized Blinds Living Room Somfy-1313x897 (1).jpg

Durable Wonder: Composite Blinds

In moisture-prone spaces, our composite blinds are the best choice. They don't warp; they don't yellow; they just keep looking amazing. 

With over 80 colors to choose from, composite blinds are a multifaceted window treatment solution, often referred to as "wonder" blinds due to their robust features and versatility. 

Composite blinds offer a durable, cost-effective, and aesthetic alternative to real wood with UVA inhibitors that guard against warping and yellowing. 

Designed for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens, these blinds come in 2" and 2 ½" slat sizes, with over 80 color options including wood grains. They feature smooth or textured finishes to match any decor, are moisture-resistant, and provide UV protection and insulation for energy savings. 

Additionally, they can be enhanced with decorative tapes and boast a GreenGuard® Certification for indoor air quality.

The Classic: Wood Blinds

Nothing beats the classics. Our custom wood blinds are crafted from 100% North American hardwoods, offering a timeless charm that can withstand the test of trends and time. 

Available in 1”, 2", and 2 ½” slats, they can be color-matched to existing decor for a seamless look and offer versatile light control and privacy with their Venetian tilt mechanism. 

These blinds contribute to energy efficiency by blocking UV rays and come in painted, stained, or rustic finishes for a custom aesthetic. They are suitable for both inside and outside mounts, fitting even unique window shapes.

Wood Blinds Dining Room Enlightened Style-1277x897 (2).jpg

Resilient Favorite: Faux Wood Blinds

Love the look of wood but need something more resilient? Our faux wood blinds won't crack under pressure. Faux wood blinds offer durability and style with UVA-protected polymer materials that resist cracking and yellowing. 

Available in 2” and 2 ½” slats and a spectrum of colors from neutrals to wood grains, these blinds fit any decor. Options include smooth or textured finishes and venetian-style horizontal slats that are easy to maintain. For convenience and safety, opt for cordless or motorized Remote Tilt, ideal for homes with children and pets. Easy to clean and enhanced with optional decorative tapes, faux wood blinds provide a practical, elegant window treatment solution.

Faux Wood Blinds Living Room Enlightened Style-2133x1204 (1).jpg

Colors That Speak Your Home's Language

Once you've picked out the type of blinds that are right for your space, the next step is customizing their look. Where better to start than with color? 

Budget Blinds experts will consult with you to help you decide which colors will match your living space. Forget about "in-stock" options from the big box stores. Your home deserves a palette that's as one-of-a-kind as your taste. 

With choices ranging from rich, bold hues that make a statement, to soft tones to soothe the soul, we bring a rainbow of custom colors right to your doorstep. 

Our in-home consultation ensures we match every blind to your vision, down to the last color hue.

Light Filtering & Natural Light

Aside from the style and color you choose, your window blind choices have another big role to play in the aesthetics of your home: light control! 

Allowing you to filter or block out light according to your preferences, light control is a huge factor in your home's overall ambiance. Envision your kitchen, bright and airy, where sunlight gently filters through the blind slats, casting a warm, golden hue that energizes the heart of the home. 

Contrast this with the tranquil retreat of your living room, where, at the touch of a button, room-darkening blinds offer an embrace of calm, dimming the day to create the perfect cozy ambiance for movie nights. 

With custom window treatments, you hold the power to decide which rooms have a lot of natural light and which offer the privacy and relaxing darker-feel. The result of your choice is a home that aligns with your personal rhythm and style, specific to each room.

More on Motorization

With motorized blinds, powered by the Smart Homes Collection, it's all about making your life easier and your home a little more seamless. They incorporate the convenience of traditional blinds into a more modern package that can help simplify how you manage light and privacy at home. 

From the straightforward operation to smart, energy-saving features, these window blinds smoothly integrate with your smart home for a more secure, efficient, and safe environment.

  • Convenience: With motorized blinds, a simple push of a button adjusts your view and your room’s light in an instant—perfect for those big windows that are just way too high to reach.
  • Programmable Settings: With smart blinds, you can schedule your window treatments to open and close at specific times, enhancing energy efficiency and security.
  • Integration with Other Smart Home Devices: Connect your motorized blinds to your smart home system for seamless operation and control in a truly connected home.

Hard-to-reach windows are no longer a challenge, ensuring effortless adjustment whenever needed, no matter how high up they might be. Plus, since smart blinds can be scheduled to align with your daily rhythm, you can choose to relax in a bright and airy space or a dark and cozy one, enhancing energy efficiency and security while integrating seamlessly with other smart home devices for holistic control.

  • Energy Savings: Smart blinds help to optimize natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and cooling, leading to energy savings.
  • Increased Home Security: Programmable settings allow you to simulate presence even when you're away, enhancing home security.
  • Child and Pet Safety: Cordless operation ensures a safer environment for children and pets.
  • Convenience: Adjust your blinds with ease, whether you're at home or away.

Why DIY When You Have Us?

DIY is fun until it's not. When it comes to window treatments, it's about more than just hanging blinds. It's about understanding the interplay of light and space, the nuances of color and texture, and the specifics of each room. 

That’s where our expertise comes into play. We're not just installing blinds; we're crafting an experience, ensuring every aspect is perfect—from design to functionality.

  • Textures Specific to You – The feel of a room changes with the right texture. That's why we offer an array of choices, from the rustic charm of wood blinds to the sleek sophistication of smooth vinyl. Our array of textures means your blinds will not just color your world but also add the depth and character your space deserves.
  • Overall Décor – Your blinds should complement, not complicate, your décor. During our in-home consultation, we consider the essence of your space—be it modern minimalism or classic comfort—to ensure the blinds we select enhance and uplift your existing style.
  • Room by Room – Different rooms have different moods and needs. Humidity hoggers like your laundry and bathroom need materials that shun moisture, making faux wood or vinyl your go-to pals. Meanwhile, living areas might welcome the natural beauty of wood or the innovative features of motorized blinds.

The Benefits of Professional Installation

Navigating the complexities of blind installation can be tricky, especially with uniquely shaped or large windows. This is where professional expertise from Budget Blinds becomes invaluable. 

A professional ensures a flawless fit, ensuring your window coverings are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while also safeguarding your manufacturer's warranty.

  • No Guesswork: Our experts design, measure, and install, so you can sit back and enjoy.
  • Function and Beauty: We ensure your blinds look good and work even better.
  • Peace of Mind: With professional installation, your warranty stays intact.

You’re Ready!

From stylish vinyl blinds and natural wood blinds, to convenient motorized options, there is a perfect window treatment for every space. That’s why we believe choosing the right window blinds impacts both the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

Hopefully these tips help you achieve a home decor that is as practical as it is stylish. By understanding the different types of blinds available, the benefits of smart features, and the importance of professional installation, you can create a comfortable, functional, and beautiful living space- with the ease of knowing you made the best choices available.

Consult the experts at Budget Blinds to find the ideal window coverings for your home and ensure a perfect fit and function.

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