Blinds, Shades, or Shutters: Which Is the Most Stylish?

There’s good and bad news. First the good news: there’s a stunning and wide variety of window treatments available today. The bad news? There’s a stunning and wide variety of window treatments available today. Confused? When faced with an endless variety of choices, we’re often spoilt for … choice!

If you’re confused about which window coverings - blinds, shades, or shutters – make the most stylish attachments, we don’t blame you! Images of different eye-catching window treatments, while hard to miss, are perplexing all the same. It’s difficult to not be swayed in varied directions, thanks to the ton of irresistible options! Are authentic wood shutters the perfect option for my home space? Or would elegant Roman shades make the right impact?

With window coverings, the best rule is to avoid trends as these come and go.  What matters more is whether it suits or complements your home’s architectural style and décor. To give your choice some direction and help make it more streamlined, we’ve compiled a style guide to the different window coverings like blinds, shades, and shutters. Whether you want to replace your old window coverings or are looking for fresh new treatment options, we’ve got you covered. Are you ready to deep-dive into the endless variety? Let’s get started!

Style Quotient of Blinds, Shades, and Shutters

Several factors like your home’s style, climate of the region, room function, and requirements for privacy, light, and views come into play when choosing the perfect covering for your windows. However, here we focus on just the style effect to explore in depth the aesthetics of the different window treatments.

The right window covering solution can instantly elevate any space, be it outdoor or interior. But which window treatments are the most stylish? Is it blinds, shades or shutters? The answer depends on your personal preference, architectural style, room décor, and the type of style effect you want to create.

Several elements of the interior design impact the aesthetic effect, which depends on the color theme, style and décor of the room and accessories. At times you may want to complement the room décor while at other times you may think it’d be best to create a contrasting effect. Or you may simply want to custom-match the window treatment to your existing furniture and interior design. So, knowing how you want your window covering solution to mix with your home décor is of great help in achieving the desired appearance! With the help of window treatments like blinds, shades, and shutters, you can manipulate the architecture and mood of a room to create the desired effect.

Regardless of the style outcome that you’re aiming for, do remember that the style of the covering is defined by the type of window treatment and its material. Different materials create different style effects so it’s best to factor in the material too when you’re trying to envision the overall style outcome. Here are some tips on the style quotient of blinds, shades, and shutters:

Blinds for a Timeless or Contemporary Style Effect

Blinds can create a variety of style impacts, depending on the material you opt for.

Wood Blinds for a Cozy and Warm Effect

For instance, Budget Blinds’ authentic Wood blinds lend a timeless and graceful charm that is perfect for homes with a classic style. Faux wood blinds also can withstand humidity and are resistant to warping or discoloration. The beauty of faux wood and real wood blinds is that they can be as light and dark as desired, allowing you to custom-match it to your existing furniture. These fit in so naturally in any space that they look like an inherent structural element of a room. 

Vertical Blinds for Spaciousness

The direction of slats – horizontal or vertical - impacts the look too. Do you want a modern appearance with clean lines? Opt for Vertical blinds. They’re also a perfect option for sliding glass doors and large windows as they enhance height and dimension, lending spaciousness to any room. With blinds you can also customize the size of slats, as per your personal preference. For further customization, you can also choose from the various vane styles, vinyl patterns ranging from basic curved to deeply embossed styles, and other innovative products. Vinyl blinds can help create the desired look allowing you to choose from a variety of vibrant colors and popular textures.

Fabric Blinds for Soft Texture

For creating a soft, textured, and warm feel, consider installing fabric vertical blinds that come in a stunning array of colors and weaves. Or, for an organic effect consider using blinds with a woven material. To elevate the look several notches higher, consider adding a designer touch with decorative tapes and valances.

Aluminum Blinds for a Sleek and Contemporary Style

In contrast with Wood blinds, aluminum blinds add a trendy, architectural element to any space. These blinds provide a sleek and fresh look and you can pick from a range of solid, metallic and perforated styles to complement your new or existing room décor.

Shades for a Clean and Neat Look

While blinds are hard window treatments, shades belong to the category of soft window coverings that add an elegant style to any space. And compared to blinds, shades, especially roller shades, provide a neater and sleeker appearance with cleaner lines. Roman shades have a continuous roll of fabric that can cover small or even large windows and doors.

Shades can be raised or lowered, depending on your requirements at any time of the day. Roman, roller, and cellular shades are just some of the offerings of Budget Blinds. Let’s look at the style outcomes of these attachments.

Stylish Roman Shades for Traditional and Modern Styles

Roman shades can never go out of fashion as they present class and style. With Roman shades, one can take advantage of the softness of fabrics but minus the disadvantages of curtains that can be hard to maneuver or gather below at the bottom which can be an unsightly task. Shades on the other hand can be easily operated with a pull cord or better still can be motorized for easy operation - at the click of a button.

Above all, the stylish elegance that Roman shades bring is a class apart. Budget Blinds offers these fabric shades in a wide range of styles, textures, and fabrics to choose from, allowing you to create a dramatic, subtle, or sophisticated effect as per your preference. You can take your pick from a beautiful variety of solid fabrics or patterned shades. 

For a modern effect consider installing flat Roman shades and for a traditional appeal, shades with a looped style tend to work best. Their versatility makes them a popular choice. For an elegant charm, natural and neutral colors work very well, especially when they’re paired with drapes of complementary tones. Using decorative trim on the edge of Roman shades can also add a great design element to any space.

Woven Shades for an Organic & Casual Appeal

You can also opt for designer shades from the Budget Blinds’ Inspired Collection to elevate the décor several notches higher. Designer shades are a class apart, enhancing the visual charm by accentuating the existing décor. These are available in a range of shapes and structures. Woven shades create an organic appeal, so they’re best suited for home spaces with a casual style or vibe.

Roller Shades for a Dash of Color

Roller shades fabrics can be used in sliding panels and dual shades, offering both practicality and enhanced style. They can be paired with curtains to create a cozy ambience or to add a dash of color or texture to any room. Roller shades are available in a variety of colors and transparencies allowing you to not only create the style effect of your choice but also allowing you to control the opacity as per your need.

For a seamless and modern statement, browse through our Signature Series that offers a wide range of gorgeous fabrics, including sheer, room darkening, and even blackout ones. For an augmented style and extra depth, consider pairing Signature Series® Roller shades with a decorative valance of your choice.

For a subtle style, consider using colors like lavender or gray while blues, reds, and golds can be used for creating a dramatic style statement.

Go Classic with Shutters

For homes with classic architecture, shutters especially Plantation shutters are best suited. These add both character and elegance with a timeless appeal.

Wood Shutters for a High-End Effect

Again, just like with blinds, the style effect of shutters also depends on the material. For instance, wood shutters can blend with your existing furniture, be it timeless and sophisticated or modernistic. It’s hard to go wrong with wood shutters. The only aspect that you must keep in mind is that all shutters take up some room when opened, so budgeting for extra space would be wise. You can think of them as added furniture and choose ones that blend well with your existing decor.

Café Shutters for a Unique Charm

Café shutters lend a unique charm to any space as these half-height shutters leave the top half clear and open while providing full privacy on the bottom half. This beautiful window treatment adds a level of intrigue to a room. For a dramatized look, consider dressing the upper portion with a fabulous valance of your choice.

Budget Blinds’ Window Treatments for the Right Style

Be it is blinds, shutters, or shades, well-chosen window treatments that complement your architectural style and décor can instantly elevate your home space. Create the look of your choice ranging from formal and casual to modern and traditional. Or make a subtle or bold style statement, as per your preference. Budget Blinds has a wide variety of window treatments, allowing you to create the style effect your choice. We also provide a stunning range of bedding, rugs, and drapery hardware to go with your window treatments. If you would like professional guidance on choosing the right covering solution that can enhance your home’s interior design, schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation with a local Budget Blinds Style Consultant and take the first step towards a stylish window space!

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