Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Blending indoor and outdoor livings spaces are becoming more popular with homeowners not willing to move, but wanting either more space or innovative ways to live in the space they have. Spring and summer are the ideal times to “move outdoors” as the restrictions of winter fall away and longer days invite spending more time outside around the pool, gardening, playing games or just enjoying the warm weather and a beautiful sunset.

How you view the great outdoors is through your windows.  Custom window coverings can enhance your total living experience, making a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. From full coverage to “barely there” window films and sheer shades or drapes, Budget Blinds® has you beautifully covered!

Patio and Deck  
Outdoor living immediately brings to mind the need for blocking the sun’s glare, harmful UV rays and excessive heat. Shading patios and decks helps to keep the area cleaner and cooler, diminishes sun damage to your outdoor furniture and delicate plants, and sets up a front-line defense to keep pesky bugs away. With Budget Blinds’ wide array of protective coverings, you won’t have to stay indoors to escape the hottest hours of the day, and a shaded patio may become a favorite play area for the kids.

Solar shades on a patio, deck or porch will provide complete control of that environment. You can close the shades for protection from the sun, wind or rain, or open the shades to admit sunlight and breezes. Even closed, you can still see your surroundings due to the wide range of styles and openness levels. Add motorization (remote control operation), and you never have to leave your comfy chair!

Woven wood shades filter the sun’s rays yet allow airflow to cool and refresh your space. Shades can be raised or lowered to exactly how much coverage you need at any time. Woven wood and bamboo shades add a unique natural beauty to your “outside room,” and you can pride yourself on going green with eco-friendly, 100% organic material shades.

Window screens and sliding door screens provide a barrier to dust, dirt, insects, and allergens while allowing for visibility and fresh air exchange.  Retractable screens will even “disappear” for an unencumbered view or access when desired. Custom screens will fit any size or shape of the window. Exterior solar window screens block a high percentage of the sun’s heat and glare so both indoor and outdoor spaces stay cooler.

Windows to your world

Once you’ve spent time making your yard beautiful and fun for your family, you want to enjoy it as an extension of your home. Your rose garden shouldn’t be out of your line of sight, and keeping an eye on the kids in the pool is important. Having the right window coverings will reinforce the blending of indoor and outdoor spaces with just the right balance of light and visibility. Different window treatments provide unique benefits, so determining what a window has to do will be the basis for designing the perfect window covering.


Whether horizontal or vertical, louvered blinds allow you to control your view. Unlike shades that are either open or closed, blinds are adjustable to any degree from fully-open to fully-closed. Custom blinds can fit any size or shape window or door, with cord control or cordless motorization

Blinds are beautiful and stylish as a stand-alone covering, or they are the ideal companion to layered drapes or decorative valances. Choose from wood blinds, faux wood blinds, composite blinds, fabric blinds, vinyl blinds and aluminum blinds available in many styles, colors, and finishes.


Window shades are the most versatile type of window covering, available in many styles, colors and materials with light filtering options from sheer to blackout, with the manual or motorized operation.

Your design potential is practically limitless as shades can be color banded and embellished with fringe, tassels or beads, and layered with additional treatments like valances, cornices, and draperies to satisfy a wide range of tastes and lifestyles.


Shutters have a timeless beauty that can accommodate any home style, whether modern, traditional or contemporary. Custom shutters can fold up accordion-style to fully expose a window or door, slide to one side, swing inward on hinges, or be permanently affixed.

Window Film

If you prefer completely unobstructed views between indoors and out, window film may be the perfect solution for your home. Clear to tinted, window film rejects 40% of the sun’s rays, blocks glare and provides UV protection for your furnishings. For a little artistic flair, decorative window film can give the appearance of stained glass, etched patterns, textured glass or more, adding a light touch of privacy where needed.

Your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help enhance your lifestyle with creative design ideas for blending your indoor and outdoor spaces. Walls of windows or sliding glass doors don’t have to be daunting or boring.  The right window treatments can put the fun back in function and reflect your unique personality and style. Call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to  to find the Style Consultant nearest you, and to view our product photo galleries to excite your imagination.

As you sip your iced tea in the comfort of your newly-shaded sunroom, you’ll be so glad you did!

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