Best Window Treatments and Coverings for Patio Doors

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If you have a large patio door or sliding-glass door, you have a variety of window treatment options to choose from, including blinds, curtains, and other styles for both regular and sliding doors. Depending on the function you need and the style you want, Budget Blinds will work with you to create custom window-treatment solutions (blinds, shutters, shades, and more) that fit your home and your budget.

What Are the Best Window Treatments for Patio Doors?

It depends on your specific needs. Everyone’s style is different, which is why Budget Blinds works with you to create a solution tailor-made for your home. Some of the most common window-treatment options for patio doors include:

  • Vertical blinds: This is a good choice if you are looking to maximize your view because they can slide all the way to the side of the door, giving you a clear, unobstructed view.
  • Cellular shades: These shades, which are best-known for their trademark honeycomb shape, are a great option if you are interested in boosting heat retention in your home, as they provide excellent insulation.
  • Curtains: Curtains with a blackout or privacy lining are a good option if you are looking for maximum privacy, or need to block out bright sunlight. You can also choose a lighter, unlined fabric for an elegant sheer, open look.
  • Sliding panels: Sliding panels are easy to use and easy to match with your existing decor.

What Size Curtains Do I Need for Patio Doors?

For privacy, you will want to plan on getting a window treatment that runs from the top of the door down to the floor. The 5 best window treatments for patio doors cover the entire door — giving you privacy when you need it.

Window treatments for sliding doors generally need to be mounted above the door and usually reach the floor. If you have a transom window above the slider, you can opt to place the window treatment above it to block light, below it to allow light to come through, or choose a separate window treatment for the transom window. This last option gives you the freedom to leave the transom window treatment open to let light in, but close the slider door window treatment for privacy. Our team can help you decide on the right size and style for your needs.

What Window Coverings Are Best For Sliding-Glass Doors?

Sliding-door window treatments come in a wide variety of styles, types, and colors. There are a few questions to ask yourself before you choose which will best complement your home.

  • How much light do you want to block? Some lighter window treatments are designed to let sunlight filter through, while others are designed to block out all light.
  • Do you have pets or kids that might get tangled up in cords? Be careful with long cords, as they could be harmful to pets and kids.
  • What type of fabric are you looking for? If you are trying to match your home decor, you will want to select your fabric accordingly.
  • Do you want blinds or wider, sliding panels? Decide how much of the door you want to see when the window coverings are opened up.

As you start your deliberations, our design team is available to help answer your questions.

What Are the Best Blinds for Patio Doors?

For patio doors, consider a custom roller shade. This type of window treatment can be custom-fit to your door, and you can choose from a variety of different opacity levels — meaning you can decide how much light you want to let in. If light control is what you’re after, a custom roller shade is a great choice. You can pick from a multitude of fabrics and designs, so you can keep light out and match the decor in your home as well. A good custom roller shade is customized to the exact size you need and will filter out just the right amount of light.

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What Kind of Blinds Do You Put On Sliding Doors?

If you opt to go with blinds, one of the most popular choices is vertical blinds. S-shaped vertical blinds are one option. This type stacks tightly off to the side, meaning when the blinds are open, you can maximize your view. They never get in the way of the door when you don't want them to, but they do offer privacy when you want to close them.

What Is the Best Way to Cover Sliding Glass Doors?

Vertical blinds are a great option if you want a style that will stack tightly and stay out of the way, but if privacy and blocking light is a priority, then you probably want to use a material with a light-blocking liner. Ask yourself whether you’re looking for total darkness and privacy, or is some sunlight OK?

Remember — when you customize your window and door treatments, you can decide on exactly what you need. Some people prefer to let in as much natural light as possible, whereas others might need to block out the sun during the daytime.

How Do You Cover Patio Doors for Privacy?

Just about all of the options at Budget Blinds will give you privacy in your home. Depending on the opacity of the material or fabric lining, many of our products provide a level of privacy. With the guidance of your local Budget Blinds design expert, you can find the one that is right for you. Our blinds and shades are designed to keep you feeling cozy — no matter the weather or the season. You’ll need an accurate, professional measurement to ensure sizing and installation are correct, and each window treatment fits the window perfectly. After exact measurements are taken, our experts will help you decide on the perfect treatments in just the right sizes, colors, textures, and styles. Plus our team will install them for you.

How Do I Get Curtains for a Patio Door?

The best way to get the right window treatments for your patio door is to contact our expert design team today and schedule your free consultation. We’re ready to help you design customized window-treatment options to perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you opt for custom-made curtains or customizable blinds, the experts at Budget Blinds can provide you with a virtual or in-home consultation to answer all your questions. We will walk you through determining what is the best option for your patio-door treatment.

Schedule a free consultation with your local Budget Blinds experts today, and get started on making your home-improvement dreams a reality.

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