Best Window Coverings To Keep The Heat Out

Sunlight bursting through your window in the morning is a sight to behold, inspiring you with hope for a new and glorious day of summer. However, the sunlight that enters through your windows transforms into heat, which can build up until your home feels like a greenhouse. 

Energy-efficient window treatments such as heat-blocking curtains and blinds are an excellent way to keep out the summer heat by blocking sunlight and providing insulation. Because they don’t use any power, they can also reduce your dependency on air conditioning. 

Interior Shades

Minimalistic and simple to operate, shades are a top choice for any homeowner. Both modern and timeless, shades can be customized to match the window design and grant precise light control. 

Cellular Shades 

Cellular Shades Office Enlightened Style

Cellular shades are a popular choice for homeowners seeking insulation for their windows. They are made of a series of long hexagonal cells stacked vertically, which has earned them the nickname "honeycomb shades." Their pockets trap air that insulates your home, reducing heat gain from your windows by up to 80%

Budget Blinds offers various cellular shades with varying opacity levels and colors. Their translucent material reduces heat while still allowing daylight in, while their top-down/bottom-up system offers precise control to give you the exact amount of light you need. 

Roman Shades 

Roman shades combine classical and modern aspects of design to create the ideal solution for rooms that need darkening. They offer excellent light control and insulation for any room in your home. Roman shades from Budget Blinds can also be motorized, allowing you to open and close hard-to-reach windows with the push of a button. 

Exterior Shades 

Solar Shades 

Solar Shades Patio Drapery

External solar shades diffuse sunlight, bringing in natural light without glare. They can also be installed on patios and porches, keeping exterior spaces cool. Inside or outside, solar shades are a sleek, breezy way to keep cool in the summer. 

Heat-Blocking Blinds 

The horizontal slats on window blinds block sunlight to heat gain. You can also diffuse light to prevent glare by tilting their slats. 

Lutron automated blinds let you use an app to set a personalized program for your home. You can set individual blinds to open and close at different points of the day, and even schedule the exact angles of your slats. What's more, you can sync the smart blinds so they work with other smart devices.

Heat Blocking Curtains and Drapes 

Drapes and curtains are classic window treatments that not only offer beauty and elegance, but also regulate heat. Ideal for rooms that need darkening, drapes cover the window completely, blocking sunlight

The effectiveness of your drapes and curtains depends on the type of fabric they’re made of. Tightly-weaved fabrics work best to reduce heat gain, especially if they have a lining. Darker-colored drapes trap more heat inside, while lighter-colored drapes reflect light. Generally, light-colored drapes with a lining are best for cooling your home. 

Combining your drapes with cornices or board-mounted valances blocks air at the top of windows, boosting the insulating properties and improving heat control in the summer. For an airtight space, hang your curtains as close to the window as possible. As long as they’re custom-fit to the windows, drapes prevent heat entry through the sides.

Layered Window Coverings 

Layering multiple window treatments is an excellent way to reduce heat. For instance, adding drapes to a window with shades or blinds will combine their insulating effects. You can choose between a variety of colors in textured solids or custom patterns to match the drape design. Layering provides better heat control while improving the beauty of your home. 

Keep the Heat Out Today 

Budget Blinds offers a variety of window treatments that reduce summer heat. We also customize each window covering to match your window design and style. Reach out for a free consultation with our design experts today.

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