Best Window Coverings for Large Windows

Large windows are a beautiful addition to any room. They are aesthetically pleasing, let in plenty of sunshine, and make a room feel open and airy. But for all their beauty, they can be challenging to style with curtains, shades, and blinds.

The difficulty is caused by the amount of space you need to cover and the necessary design to accentuate the beauty of a large window. With most modern homes having large windows, you may need some design ideas to help them look their best.

What do you put on large windows?

Large windows can be a challenge to decorate. However, there are some tips that can take advantage of the amount of space that large windows give you.

Multiple panel shutters

Not only do multiple shutters look great on large windows, they also help to block the sun's UV rays which can discolor floors and furniture.

Floor-to-ceiling shutter panels

One of the difficulties with large windows can be privacy, but with floor-to-ceiling shutter panels, you will have no trouble at all.

Roman shades

Roman shades are perfect for large windows and add elegance with plush, rich fabrics or crisp, folded/pleat designs.

Combine styles

Roman shades are excellent for large windows, as are layered drapery panels. You can use both on your windows and create an even more powerful fashion statement.

How to style window treatments on large windows?

Having the right curtain or drape on your windows is not always enough. Sometimes the technology involved, the material of the curtain, or how the drapes are styled makes all the difference.

Motorized window treatments

Motorized window coverings merge innovative technology and cutting-edge design to give you stylish window treatments that can be automated for your convenience.

Layered drapery panels

Drapes, if their styles are not constructed correctly, can look dull and limp, affecting the feel of your room. Having to make the drapes larger to cover the size of your window will only magnify the problem. The solution is to choose custom drapery made to the correct size of your window to create fullness.

Window cornices

Another popular choice for large windows would be a cornice. They add a layer of decorative elements to your room while also covering your window covering’s hardware. With an array of options available, they are a great way to add patterns and color. The tailored design of the cornice uses less fabric, and the flat surface allows the pattern to show off.

What works best for large living room windows?

How you style your living room largely depends on what you use it for. Do you use it for reading? Perhaps some natural lighting would be excellent. Do you entertain a lot? Maybe you want some fancier decorative touches on your windows. However you use your room, there are design choices perfect for your large windows.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades help insulate your windows, so these are perfect for you if energy efficiency is a concern. The best thing is you can choose your pleat sizes, colors, patterns, textures, and opacities to fit with any decorating choice.

Wood blinds

Wood blinds help to make any room look classier. If your living room is decorated in darker colors, wood blinds may be a perfect fit.

Modern window treatments

Soft fabric vanes combined with sheer vertical panels give a modern look to any living room. If you are interested in making your living room look sophisticated, this is your look.

Composite shutters

If you want your living room to look timeless but not worry about having the sun warping its paint, composite shutters are the perfect solution. They don’t sacrifice substance over style and don't peel or fade in the sun.

How do you style curtains on a big window?

Curtains can look flat and dull on large windows if not made correctly or lined with the proper lining. However, there are some tricks that can make your curtains look alive even in an ample space.

Mix it up

If you want your curtains to be the focal point of the room and look attractive on large windows, talk to your local design professional about mixing curtains made of various colors or patterns. This will make your windows look anything but boring.

Curtains on the edge

If you don't mind a lot of light in your room, placing curtains just on the edge of your windows gives just a touch of decoration while letting the windows steal the show.

Creating continuity

You can create a sleek, modern illusion of continuity by only hanging curtains on each window break across the windows.


Seamless sheer curtains make a room look classy while letting in plenty of sun.

What kinds of blinds are best for large windows?

Two-on-one headrail blinds

Blinds, from fabric, composite and more, are a perfect solution to more oversized windows and can be easily raised and lowered with an optional motorized lift system.

Large window blinds

Large window blinds are the practical solution to large windows. They come in a variety of colors and styles so that they can match any decorating scheme.

Bamboo blind with curtains

Bamboo blinds on large windows give an organic feeling to any room. Combine the natural blinds with some bright white curtains to provide the room with a classic airy feel.

Brushed aluminum blinds

Brushed aluminum shades can be custom fit to any shape or size window from arches and angles to skylights and give you control over how much sun you get in your room.

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