Best Window Coverings for Guest Bedrooms

Decorating your home's guest bedroom is a great opportunity to have a little fun and add some personality to a brand new space. As you're selecting everything from furniture to duvet covers, don't forget to think about the best window coverings for the guest bedroom. Finding the right mix of form and function is easy once you consider these design tips. Keep reading for help determining the right color and style for your guest room — as well as how timeless plantation shutters can complete the new look.

How to Use Window Coverings to Add Character to Your Guest BedroomWindow Coverings For Guest Bedroom

Like all bedrooms, guest bedrooms require at least one window for home safety. Whether your room has one large window or two smaller windows, they will provide a significant opportunity to add colors and patterns to the space. Use these easy design tips to start your search for drapes, blinds, or shutters:

Stay Neutral, But Not Boring

Don't make your curtains stand out with an accent color or a stark geometric pattern. Instead, opt for neutral colors like grays, tans, or blues that complement the rest of the space. These colors are calming, especially when it comes to warm tones.

If you want to make your neutral color scheme pop a little, look for subtle patterns, gradients, or tone-on-tone designs. You can also choose fabrics and materials based on their textures, such as a linen-patterned fabric or a subtle embroidery. Your curtain rods and curtain holdbacks can also introduce fun style; unique hardware will accent the room.

Tie the Window Coverings to Features and Accents in Your Home

Choose window coverings that match the rest of your home's style. The curtains and blinds don't have to be identical to the room across the hall, but maintaining a consistent color scheme or hardware style can help pull the whole house together. Also, choosing the same blinds or shutters while allowing for more unique curtains around them gives you more design flexibility without sacrificing cohesion.

Choose Warm Colors and Finishes

Warm colors have undertones of yellow, orange, or red, and they can make any guest room seem more cozy and comfortable for new visitors. If you're redesigning your guest bedroom with a brand new color palette, opt for colors with these undertones. This won't restrict your options; even purples, greens, and grays can have warm undertones that soften and warm up the space. Choosing exclusively warm colors also creates an inviting and welcoming feeling to the space. You can also explore colors and decor to add a bit of variation for repeat visitors.

Prioritize Privacy for Your Guest Bedroom With Plantation Shutters

While curtains and blinds are a fun way to add a pop of color to your guest bedroom, your options for window coverings don’t stop there. Consider adding custom plantation shutters that add privacy, timeless design, and some extra functionality to keep your guest bedroom in tip-top shape.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are similar to blinds but are more permanent and sturdy installations. They feature tilted louvers, inside a solid frame, and they often come in pairs depending on the size of the window or as a single shutter. Plantation shutters are custom-built so they fit precisely against a window.

Plantation shutters come in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. While plantation shutters are traditionally made from wood, they can also be made from composite materials, like vinyl.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters for Guest Bedrooms

Along with providing more aesthetic appeal in your guest bedroom, plantation shutters offer these benefits.

Privacy for Your Guests

Plantation shutters fit snugly across an entire window, and the louvers can be shut so no one can see in or out of the window. This gives your guests privacy and, just as importantly, the feeling of privacy that they can control for themselves. Guests can also tilt the louvers to allow in natural light or to see outside.

Home Security

If your guest room is empty for long portions of the year, plantation shutters are a great investment in home security. They completely block off the window so no one can see inside your home. Fabric curtains can be accidentally left ajar, and blinds may leave gaps so potential trespassers can look inside the windows. Plantation shutters stay firmly shut and opaque.

Energy Efficiency

Plantation shutters became popular throughout the southern half of the United States because of their insulative value. They create a barrier between the hot air outside the window and cooled air inside your home so there's less thermal transfer. This means you can reduce your home's energy consumption and save on your energy bill while keeping your home cool.

Personality That Fits Every Guest

Plantation shutters create an elegant, timeless look that all of your guests will love. You can choose the colors and materials that perfectly suit your guest room and home decor. You can also add curtains and other window finishes on top of the plantation shutters for a completely unique look. Plantation shutters can be custom-sized to fit bay windows, oversized windows, and non-standard bedroom windows for a polished look that lasts for years.

Plantation Shutters Bedroom Enlightened Style

Find Plantation Shutters and Guest-Ready Window Coverings at Budget Blinds

Creating the perfect guest bedroom starts with finding the best window coverings for the room. Consider everything from the color palette and style of the room to how to keep the room temperature comfortable. Custom plantation shutters enhance the room's privacy, add insulation to the windows, and create a chic look. Additional window coverings can add a splash of color that suits your home's style. At Budget Blinds, we offer custom window treatments, including plantation shutters, blinds, and shades. Browse our selection of options or schedule a free consultation with your local design consultant and create custom-made solutions perfect for your guests.

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