Best Insulated Window Coverings

When it comes to decorating your home, furniture isn't the only accessory to keep in mind for aesthetic appeal and comfort. Selecting items like insulated window coverings not only beautifies your home but can also lower your energy bill and increase energy efficiency throughout your home.

How important is it to have energy-efficient window coverings?

As a homeowner, you're probably used to maintaining a budget for your weekly and monthly bills. What many don't realize is that options such as energy-efficient window coverings can actually help lower your monthly bills, putting money back into your pocket.

Depending on what type of shading or window coverings you currently have, you could be losing anywhere from 20% to 50% of your home's heating and cooling through your windows each year.

Not only could transitioning to more energy-efficient options help lower your monthly bills, but it could prevent over-usage on your HVAC and duct system drastically by decreasing the loss of heating and cooling throughout your home.

What are the most energy-efficient window coverings?

When deciding which styles will offer you the most benefits within your unique home, you'll want to keep a checklist on hand to help prioritize things like insulation needs, comfort, durability, automation, visual appeal, and more.

Some popular and efficient options include but are not limited to wood shutters, window shades, insulated blinds, and motorized drapes. Let's compare some of these options with other well-known window coverings and review which styles are more energy-efficient and provide you with better insulation.

Wood shutters vs vinyl shutters

Like many homeowners, choosing between wood shutters and vinyl shutters can be a difficult process. Historically, wood shutters have been a household favorite. They're a popular choice and often provide a timeless look in comparison to vinyl shutter options.Wood Shutters Bedroom Signature SeriesWooden shutters are offered in a variety of styles and appeals due to being made with various types of material. However, wetter climates may cause them to degrade quicker than other options. 

Vinyl shutters are gaining popularity for being versatile and easy to maintain. Since many vinyl shutters are commonly made from plastic-based materials, they're lightweight and easy to install.

Both vinyl shutters and wood shutters come in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for large or small openings. Wood shutters are slightly more customizable and are available in a variety of custom stains and finishes, making them slightly more appealing in the long run.

Insulated blinds vs window shades

Choosing between blinds and shades often relies on how you'd like to control the privacy in rooms alongside how much light you want to block out. With both blinds and shades, the thicker the layering the more protection and insulation you'll gain.

The biggest difference between them is the level of light control you have at your disposal in any given room.

Blinds are designed with multiple slats giving you the ability to adjust and control exactly how much light you let into a room. Popular insulated blind options include custom wood blinds, composite blinds, and vertical blinds.

With shades, you have less control, as they can only be open or closed, which can actually provide you with more insulation. Popular window shade options include roller shades, cellular shades, and solar shades.

How motorized window treatments can play an important role in energy saving

Often designed as blinds, shades, or drapes, motorized options can offer more than luxury and convenience. While shades and shutters are great solutions for reducing the airflow from escaping your home, automated solutions can give you additional control.Woven Shades Living Room Inspired ShadesMotorization provides the comfort of opening and closing your window treatments at the push of a button. Programmable timers can help with energy reduction by allowing you to open and close your window coverings to keep out the heat of the sun during the summer and the cold air during the winter months.

Additionally, you can connect your window treatments to your smart home set-up to adjust according to your needs. This can be extremely beneficial during warmer months when you want to block out the hot sun during the day and to let in cool air at night.

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