Best Coverings for French Doors

French doors are a pair of doors with glass panes running the entire length, with each door usually hinged on both sides of the door frame. When the two doors are swung open, the entryway is completely clear, with no center post or other obstructions. French doors originated in the late 16th and early 17th centuries when architects realized that mixing a door with a window was a perfect way to bring natural light to otherwise poorly lit and gloomy structures.

Exterior French doors provide ideal access to your patio or garden area and, with the doors swung open, enable you to invite the outdoors into your home. In addition, interior French doors are a perfect way to add light, space, and beauty to a study or a dining area and create an elegant transition between rooms. Since French doors are primarily all glass, they can bring in an incredible amount of natural light and are an exquisite and gorgeous addition to any home.French Door Window Treatments

Do French Doors Need Window Treatments?

French doors add an elegant and dramatic component to your home.  When paired with the right decor and window treatments, French doors can become a focal point, increasing natural light, providing a view of your patio, porch and surroundings, adding beauty, and pleasing the eyes. While French doors can be beautiful on their own, there are several practical reasons for window treatments.

One of the biggest reasons people choose French door window treatments is for privacy. A lovely sunny afternoon may be perfect for throwing open the doors and allowing some fresh air and sunshine into the house. Still, untreated French doors can be a security concern because they can compromise your privacy and expose your home to outsiders.

Another reason that French door window treatments are essential is the wide expanse of glass, a potential source of heat loss or gain. By covering the glass on your French doors, window treatments can dramatically reduce your energy costs, helping your heating and cooling systems to work efficiently. For example, if left uncovered, the glass panes in French doors could allow heated air to escape during the winter months, and in the summer, absorb and dissipate heat into your home.

While natural light is welcome and desirable, there are times when it can be uncomfortable. Unfiltered light can cause glare and even irritate the eyes at times. Additionally, unfiltered light allows UV rays into your home, which can fade and damage your furnishings.

Despite looking beautiful on their own, the right window treatments on your French doors can enhance their beauty, improve your comfort, add color and help pull together the whole look and feel of a room.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Window Treatments for French Doors?

There are several unique things to consider when choosing window treatments for your French doors. French doors are not only beautiful but functional, and it's critical to select a treatment that fits well and will not interfere with the door's use.

Usually, French doors have decorative handles, which can present a challenge when shopping for window treatments. Typically, French door shades or blinds will have to pass behind a door handle or lever and require a perfect fit. Not wide enough, and it won't cover the glass, but too wide, and it'll get caught in the door handles.

The mounting requirements of French door window treatments also differ from traditional windows in a few significant ways. First, French doors lack the depth of a standard window, so window treatments have to be mounted on the outside.

To further complicate matters, the glass in French doors is typically surrounded by raised beveled trim. Therefore, when installing window treatments on French doors, you must ensure enough flat surfaces for the installation and use spacers or projection brackets to clear raised trim.

What Are The Best Window Treatments for French Doors?

Window treatments are not exclusive to traditional windows, and several coverings and styles are well-suited to French doors. French door window treatments can add a distinct flair to your decor and help tie in design themes throughout your home.

French Door Shades

From cellular to pleated styles, French door shades will easily fit the dimensions of your door without interfering with the door handles or levers. At Budget Blinds, we offer our clients a wide array of French door shades in soft natural colors and textures and contemporary prints and colors to meet any taste. Additionally, if you are looking for a way to keep the light out so you can sleep or watch your favorite movie, we also offer a complete line of blackout shades.

French Door Blinds

Traditional style blinds made of aluminum or wood in a one-inch slat size will usually fit well and add a distinctive look to your French doors. Custom blinds can be designed to fit your door perfectly and are an effective and cost-efficient solution for filtering light and adding privacy. Always be sure to secure the blinds at the bottom to keep them from banging and damaging the door or blind when the door is opened or closed.French Door Blinds

Roman Shades for French Doors

In many ways, Roman shades for French doors are the perfect solution, fusing the practicality of window blinds with the elegant and luxurious look of draperies. At Budget Blinds, we offer a wide variety of Roman shades, including Flat Fold, Relaxed or European, Balloon, and Soft Fold styles. Selecting a Flat or Plainfold style with a valance offers the best privacy coverage. This allows the shade to come off the back of the headrail and fit close to the glass providing the ideal amount of light and privacy control. Our fabric Roman shades for French doors not only look great, but since they are lined, they provide an extra layer of insulation that may reduce your energy bills.

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