Are Window Valances Out Of Style

When most people imagine window valances, the images of ornate fabrics and white lacy ruffles immediately come to mind. Indeed, symbols reminiscent of the Victorian era are associated with window valances. This begs the question, "Are valances out of style?" Window valances have changed significantly since the 1800s. Valances are commonly used to cover your curtain rods and window hardware while adding style to your home.Window Valances

Are window valances out of style?

No. Valances may have risen to popularity in the Victorian era, where elaborate patterns were necessary to display opulence. Many of these valances were ill-fitting and unsuitable for the modern or contemporary home. Fortunately, designs have changed over time. You can now customize valances with solid to textured and patterned fabrics within your taste range.

What is the difference between a cornice and a valance?

Valances and cornices are both window treatments added at the top of the window. The difference is in the construction. Cornices are made of hard materials such as wood upholstered in fabric, while valances are made of fabric that is mounted to a wooden headrail or drapery rod. However, you can mount a valance on a board to mimic the cornice's appearance.

You cannot run out of valance styles to choose from. Your local Budget Blinds design experts might mention words, such as

  • Scalloped
  • Cascade
  • Carolina
  • Pleated
  • Tapered
  • Soft dip
  • Box cornice

The good thing about it is that they're always ready to give you more information on each of the options presented to make sure your custom window treatment looks exactly how you dreamt of.

5 reasons why you should install window valances

1.    Add dimension to your windows

Valances add depth to your windows. Layering your window valance curtains or drapes improves depth perception.

2.    Reduce empty elements in your home

Adding a valance to the wall section above the windows reduces the empty space. If your home looks empty and cold, you can use a valance to decorate and increase the style of your room. A soft fabric valance installed at the top of your window softens the hard lines, making the room look cozier.

3.    Increase the wall height

Installing a valance close to your ceiling draws the eyes upward. Mounting the valance just a few inches into the window and high up on your wall creates a height illusion. However, if you place the valance a few inches above the window, you'll make the room appear shorter and the valance will come too far into the window, impairing your view.Adjust the shape of the windows

Most windows are square or rectangular. You can use a valance to change the shape of the window. For example, you can use a tapered valance to create a focal point for light to come through. This style is great for windows that only have sheers. You can also use an arched valance to create the illusion of arched windows.

4.    Mimic Roman shades

You can use a valance to mimic the raised Roman shades. The horizontal folds resemble a Roman shade, but you can't adjust the height in a fully raised position.

How our experts help you choose a valance

We start with the focal point:

Valances have many styles that feature patterns, tassel trims, ties, and buttons. Don't rush to include each of these elements in your valances. Too many aspects confuse the eye and affect the aesthetics of your room. Choose one or two elements that stand out for all your windows. The focus could be on the print, the trim, or accessories such as medallions incorporated into valances.

We choose timeless fabric

The choice of fabric affects the overall outcome of your valance. You need a fabric that matches your style but is also timeless. Some popular patterns for traditional homes usually include floral prints that often feature plants and animals. You can use abstract floral prints to maintain a colorful yet contemporary appearance. Other popular fabric designs include Chinoiserie, geometric lattice prints, plaids, stripes or  solid colors with trim.

We keep a consistent theme

Select a fabric and a color consistent with other fabrics in the room. The valance should match your style instead of confusing the theme. You can match the valance to the color palette of your drapes, blinds, and pillows to maintain consistency.

We customize the fit

An ill-fitting valance will appear out of style no matter your fabric selection. The valances should complement the window enhancing its dimensions. Your mounting style will affect the overall appearance.

For outside-mounted valances, the bottom trim should align with the window frame. That said valances need to go an inch out on each side outside of the window opening. If your window has trim around it, it will need to extend to the outside of the trim an inch or two on an outside mount to enhance the width of your window. For inside-mounted valances, the width should fit perfectly within the frame.

Board mounted valances

If you want to create a depth illusion and frame your window, go for board-mounted valances. The board boosts the stability of the valance. It also helps the fabric stay in place over the drapes, curtains, or blinds.

Upgrade your window treatments with valancesBoard mounted valances

Valances are a unique way to upgrade your window blinds or drapes. They also add depth to your windows, especially when board-mounted. You can customize the valances to fit each window and accentuate your room.

With a local design consultant by your side, you can select timeless valances that match your home's style. Schedule your free consultation with experts at Budget Blinds to choose the right valances for your windows.

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