Are Blinds Out of Style?

How to Elevate Your Home Style with Blinds

Wood Blinds in Dining Room

The New Year sparks the mood for fresh new beginnings. It’s also the right time to revamp your home space and set an optimistic tone for the year ahead. You don’t have to opt for a complete home makeover if you don’t want to; simply redressing your windows can add a novel touch to your décor, without making a mess and eating into your time and money.

It’s a good time to examine your window coverings and if they’re old and outdated, consider replacing them with our inspiring new choices. Budget Blinds has compiled a guide of the latest style tips to help you invigorate your windows. Are you ready to know more about the best window treatment trends that will dominate 2020? Let’s get started!

Window Dressing Tips and Trends Likely to Dominate 2020

Shades and Drapery Panels in Living Room

Considering current trends when choosing window treatments doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your personal preferences. It’s important to focus on what appeals to your sense of style and practicality as well as what complements your home décor. The best part is that window covering solutions are available in a variety of materials and colors, making it easier to adapt to your personal preferences and functional needs.

To help you choose the right window treatments that are in vogue and align with the style statement you’re looking to create, we’ve gathered a variety of 2019 style trends that will continue to remain popular next year, and some new ones that will dominate 2020 so you can pick what best suits your taste and home style.

Here are some of the best window blinds options and the color palettes, textures, and patterns to consider this holiday season and in the new year ahead.

1.   Go Big with Blinds

Larger blind slats are currently popular and why wouldn’t they be? Not only do they provide a clean and bold aesthetic but are great in terms of functionality too. The bigger or wider the slats, the easier they are to clean. That’s a huge plus given the fact that cleaning blinds is one of the least popular chores on any given day. Bigger slats also provide greater control over the lighting and view. Blinds with wider slats are a great choice for large windows.

Budget Blinds offers blinds in more than one size to suit a variety of requirements and preferences. Our Faux Wood blinds are available in 2” and 2 ½” slat sizes while Wood blinds come in 1” and 2 ½” sizes. Aluminum blinds come with spring-tempered slats that resist kinks and dents for lasting beauty. They’re available in ½” micro, 1”, and 2” slats.

2.  Use Soft Shades or Curtains for a Cozy and Relaxed Ambience

To create a cozy ambience, shades or curtains are just right. Choose from Budget Blinds’ range of Roman, Cellular, or Sheer Shades for softness at your windows.

Our elegant Roman Shades are available in a wide variety of styles like tear drop, balloon, relaxed, and cascading folds, all of which create a beautiful effect. Cellular window shades can be combined with pleated fabric on the top for added ambient lighting, and dual top-down/bottom-up cellular shades offer maximum versatility. Sheer Shades are perfect with their two layers of soft fabric to let in diffused natural light.

Shades can also be combined with gorgeous drapery to create an enhanced snug and welcoming environment. Budget Blinds’ draperies come in a range of fabulous fabrics and in a stunning array of eye-catching colors. Be sure to check out our Inspired Drapes® collection, designed to offer a great range of curtains and drapes which can be customized to your home décor and unique style.

3.  Go for Natural Materials

With all the talk about planet-friendly measures, 2020 looks geared to welcoming anything and everything that is, looks, and feels natural. Window treatments made from natural, renewable resources like woven wood or bamboo will be quite popular.

Our real wood blinds are a great eco-friendly choice as they’re sourced from 100% North American hardwoods from certified and domestic forests, which helps sustain the earth’s natural resources.

When selecting fabrics for draperies or fabric blinds, consider choosing silk, satin, linen, or cotton. Our Roman Shades are available in a wide variety of silks and natural fabrics, keeping with the trend of natural materials to enhance home décor. 

4.  Texture is Cool

Textured materials continue in favor for home décor for the coming year. Woven wood shades or bamboo shades introduce a lovely textured element to any room, elevating its appeal instantly. In addition, our custom Wood blinds can be custom-matched to a range of rich earth tones and texture-rich finishes so you can stay on top of the current trend.

5.  Make a Bold Statement

Sea-inspired blues and greens seem to be the top colors for next year. If that doesn’t suit your palette, consider window treatments in other colors like lime green, tangerine orange, or canary yellow for a fresh look.

Budget Blinds’ window covering solutions cover a gamut of colors and shades, which allows you to dress up your windows in keeping with current trends in a way that suits your own personal style. Go as bold or as vibrant as you want, such as with a fiery red or deep teal.

6.  Go Natural with Prints and Patterns

With all the buzz around keeping it natural, prints and patterns need to accommodate the trend. So how about some authentic animal prints or flowers? With modern digital technology capturing not just animal prints but even beautiful green leaf patterns or colorful foliage can yield interesting results.

With Budget Blinds’ Graphic Shades, you can transform any of your favorite images into window coverings. Our advanced, high-resolution printing technology which features outstanding clarity, detail, and color reproduction, can help create a stunning visual backdrop for your home or office space.

Bonus tip: Don’t limit yourself to flora and fauna prints for inspiration for all things natural, but also consider amazing mountain or pastoral landscapes.

7.  Choose Pastel Shades or Intense Colors for Curtains

If animal prints or nature patterns are not your cup of tea and if you’d like to keep it subtle, try curtains in soft neutrals or pastel tones. Or consider the colors of nature in lighter or softer hues of blues and greens.

On the other hand, if you have beige or light pastel walls, opt for curtains in highly saturated shades. The new trend this festive season is either soft or bold, there’s no midway. So, feel free to go for any color: an intense shade for a bold and dramatic effect, or soft-on-soft for a calming impact

8.  Pair Drapes with Hard Window Treatments

Consider complementing hard window treatments like blinds with soft drapes. In fact, draperies pair well with any window treatment and are a great way to soften the aura of a room. They even provide an extra layer of insulation and privacy, protecting you from huge energy bills and prying eyes, all at once.

In keeping with the natural theme, linen, cotton, and silk drapes are a great choice. Soft and neutral shades, natural prints, subtle patterns, or bold and dramatic hues are all current style options. As Budget Blinds offers draperies in a range of colors, from bold to calming neutrals, finding the right tone for you in line with the current trend should be fairly easy. Sheers are a great alternative to heavier fabrics and can add an elegant touch to any setting.

9.  Accentuate with Valances, Cornices, and Drapery Hardware

The holiday season would be incomplete without decorating upgrades like valances, cornices, or decorative drapery hardware. Valances look especially great paired with blinds or drapery panels. To top it all, Budget Blinds offers an eye-catching variety of custom valances in the latest patterns and colors to mix and match with other window covering solutions. Choose from different styles ranging from pleated, swag, and scarf to continental and embassy valances.

To add a dash of elegance, choose from Budget Blinds’ stunning array of designer curtain rods and finials and silk and linen curtain panels. To further elevate the appeal of bedrooms, consider our premium, custom pillows and bedding to coordinate with your window coverings. The best part about soft window fashion is that it can be changed as the seasons change, allowing you to experiment with style and color all year long.

10.  Black is Back!

Matte black seems to be the current rage. Like we said earlier, it’s the season of extremes. If you have a space that’s predominantly white, consider adding a dash of black with matte black window blinds or Plantation Shutters for a beautiful contrast. Black also pairs well with beige or other neutral tones on walls and other elements of home décor for a touch of holiday drama.

Bonus Tip: For an all-white patio enclosure or any other outdoor space, black Aluminum or Composite shutters would be a great choice.

11.  Opt for Convenience with Motorized Blinds, Shades and Shutters

As technology drives everything around us, including the way we drive, shop, and socialize, home spaces cannot be overlooked. Home automation driven by smart technology has, and will, continue to make our lives easier. Motorization is a rising trend that is expected to dominate 2020 as an increasing number of people opt for privacy and light control at the click of a button. Budget Blinds makes smart home automation easy with motorized drapes, blinds, and shades.

Which of these trends did you like? To see which of the latest style trends would best suit your home, order free window covering swatches. Or if you would like professional guidance in selecting the right window covering solution that perfectly complements your home style, schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation with your local style consultant. We bring the showroom to you and take care of everything from measuring and fitting to installation, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

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