Add a Wireless Sun Sensor to your Motorized Shades

Integrated motorized and automated home systems are becoming more prevalent in homes throughout the world. These systems allow homeowners to turn on or off their lights, lock their doors, adjust the thermostat, and more simply with the touch of a button on their smartphone or from the computer in their office. Along with the items listed above, motorized shades and blinds are an integral part of these new integrated home systems. Having the ability to control window treatments from a distance gives homeowners a definite advantage when it comes to sun control when compared to homeowners who have manually operated window treatments.

The advantages of implementing motorized shades are obvious; better control of sunlight which allows for more protection of expensive home décor and furniture, protection from harmful UV rays, better temperature control, and an increase in overall convenience in the home. While motorization is a definite step above manually controlled window treatments, it is still not the top of the line when it comes to integrated home systems. That honor belongs to automated motorized shades and blinds. Automated window treatments are often integrated into fully realized home automation systems that are programmed to turn off or turn on according to the homeowner’s preference. For example, with Somfy Sunis Indoor WireFree™ RTS sun sensor automated window treatments, your blinds or shades can provide you with the most gentle of all wake-up calls, the sun itself. Why wake yourself up with the startling and often jarring sound of an alarm clock when you can be woken up by the first light of the warm glowing sun? Not only will this sensor provide you with the perfect wake up call, but it is also the premier way to provide your home with thermal comfort, protection of interior décor and the best possible energy savings.

If all of this cutting-edge technology sounds too confusing for you to set up, don’t fear, when you work with Budget Blinds, a certified style consultant and their team of experts can have your new automated window treatment system set up for you in the blink of an eye. If you would like motorized shades in your home, don’t hesitate, call your local Budget Blinds today.

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