A Little Pop of Green

It is officially March and spring is just around the corner! There is something about this season that has us in the mood to add a pop of green to home decor. It may be the warmer weather, the bright spring blooms that are popping up everywhere, or the anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day! Either way, all of us here at Budget Blinds are looking to incorporate a little green flare into our homes. If you’re looking to brighten up your space and give it that fresh spring feel, below are a few easy ways to do this in any home.

Custom Bedding

Add a little pop of green to your home by updating your bedding. Budget Blinds offers a wide array of fabrics, patterns, prints, and colors to choose from. Spring into the season by adding a custom duvet cover to your bedroom. What are you waiting for?

Statement Furniture

 Source: Country Living

Have an empty, all-white hallway that is in need of a pop of color? Spruce up space with a re-purposed cabinet or even a bench! Paint it a beautiful shade of sea-foam green. This will add the perfect amount of color to your home without going overboard. We are green with envy over this statement piece!


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Freshen up your home decor with some beautiful flowers and greenery. Not only do they smell amazing, but they also brighten any space up. Succulents are a perfect way to add a little pop of green to a desk or side table. They are super low maintenance and require very little “plant mom” care. We can get on board with that!


Custom drapes are a great way to update your home decor because you can switch them up as much as you like depending on what colors or patterns you are digging at the time! Styles are ever-changing, so why can’t your home decor change as well? These green striped drapes from Budget Blinds are the perfect addition to any room in your home. They are subtle, but also make a statement with its vibrant color. What do you think?


 Source: Decor Pad

From mixers to toasters there are many appliances (big and small) that are available in lovely shades of green. Make a bold statement with colorful appliances in your home that will add a fun twist to everyday life!

We hope you have a little fun this spring incorporating a pop of green to your home decor! It adds the perfect splash of color without making too big of a statement. Let’s start decorating!

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