5 Trends for Outdoor Living

Looking to embrace the joys of outdoor living? With the perfect outdoor shades and window coverings that offer a necessary respite from the sun’s glare, harmful UV rays, and sweltering heat, Budget Blinds has you covered. Our collection of window coverings is designed to enhance your patios and decks, make spaces cooler, protect furniture, and can even help ward off insects (so you’ll never have to worry about grabbing bug spray before spending time outside around your house again!)

Why Outdoor Window Treatments?

Outdoor window treatments are a practical and cost-effective way to up the comfort on your patio or porch, shielding against sun damage, and ensuring a cool environment. Certain outdoor coverings efficiently block up to 90% of UV radiation, protecting your skin and preventing your furniture from fading, all while allowing just enough light to pass through. Other outdoor treatments guard against wind, rain, and snow, and preserve your privacy from outside glances. Adding the custom treatment that suits your needs—like outdoor shades for example--not only elevates the style of your space, but also increases your home's value. 

5 Outdoor Treatments from Budget Blinds

There are several custom outdoor window treatments to choose from. The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting one is deciding which fits your specific needs. Here are 5 of our favorite custom window treatments, including outdoor shades:

1. Solar Shades

Solar shades are a smart choice for your outdoor space, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. Made from tightly woven fabric, they filter sunlight, diminish glare, and block harmful UV rays, keeping your patio or porch comfortably cool while maintaining visibility. Not only do they provide essential protection from the sun, but they also afford privacy without sacrificing the view, thanks to a variety of styles and opacity levels.

For added convenience, solar shades are available with motorization for easy adjustment without leaving your seat. They come in a diverse selection of fabrics and colors, ensuring durability and a custom fit for large areas. Whether you desire a clearer view or more seclusion, solar shades can be tailored to your preferences, improving your home’s outdoor appeal and potentially its value.

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2. Outdoor Tableaux

If you’re looking for aesthetics, a decorative tableaux may be what you seek. An outdoor tableaux is a decorative arrangement placed in a window or on any wall or used as a divider, designed to add texture and style. This arrangement can include a variety of elements such as potted plants, statues, themed decorations, and lighting that create an appealing visual scene. The purpose of an outdoor tableaux is to enhance the view, adding aesthetic value, architectural details, and possibly a thematic story or atmosphere to the space.

For instance, during the holiday season, you might see a tableaux featuring Christmas decorations, like a miniature sleigh and reindeer, combined with festive lights and greenery. Similarly, a spring tableau could include blooming flowers, pastel decorations, and elements that celebrate the renewal of the season. Generally, an outdoor decorative display can be added year-round to boost appeal at any time. This concept provides a delightful visual focus and can be tailored to personal tastes or seasonal themes.

3. Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters made with advanced materials offer better durability over traditional wood. They provide a unique aesthetic that can elevate your home’s value and are available in several colors and wood grain finishes. These shutters are ideal for customizable light control and year-round use. Low-maintenance and stylish, these shutters are an increasingly popular choice for extending living spaces into the outdoors. 

If you’re searching for window treatments for a patio, deck, porch, or sunroom, these shutters offer light and privacy control--and come in various styles like fixed, hinged, or sliding. Their sturdy construction withstands everyday wear and tear, making them a practical, long-lasting choice for any outdoor setting.

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4. Outdoor Drapery

For those creating an outdoor haven, our custom draperies offer a dramatic flair, pairing effortlessly with outdoor pillows and rugs. When the evening grows cooler, you can simply close the drapes thanks to our weather-resistant drapery hardware. 

Outdoor drapes are more than just a design choice—they provide control over sunlight and privacy, making them a smart addition to patios, gazebos, and porches alike. Available in light fabrics to brighten the space or heavier ones for more shade, these drapes are versatile enough to suit any outdoor decor.

Take a peek at our Inspired Drapes® Collection, featuring a variety of outdoor drapes that bring both color and texture to any setting. These fashion-forward designs are not only visually appealing but also made to withstand the elements. Made from 100% acrylic, these drapes are low-maintenance, water-repellent, and are UV resistant, ensuring long-lasting freshness and color.

Outdoor Drapery Signature Series Exterior Shade Draper Rug Momeni Pillows Springs (1)-1000x600.jpg

5. Exterior Retractable Screens

Door and window screens from Budget Blinds serve as a dual-purpose solution, offering protection from the sun's UV rays and glare while allowing for clear views and ventilation. Perfect for various outdoor areas, they are designed to fit any window size, and cater to the needs of patios, porches, and more!

These screens not only reduce heat and brightness but also act as a shield against dust, insects, and allergens. Retractable models provide an uninterrupted view and easy access allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views at your leisure.

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Window Treatments for Your Needs

At Budget Blinds, we want to help ensure your outdoor living is comfortable, secure, and stylish for any season. With a suite of products such as outdoor shades that cater to various preferences and up the functionality and value of your home, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect window treatment for your needs. Request a free in-home consultation today to get started. Our design consultants are standing by to help you make your dream patio a reality.

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