Top 5 Design Tips for Your Custom Window Blinds

Every home has windows that need window coverings that add to both the aesthetic and functional value of every space they occupy. Not always an easy task, but it’s important as you decorate your home and strive to maintain its look and feel over time. One of the ways to achieve style and durability is with custom window blinds.  Custom window blinds can add distinctive character, and the choices for this aspect of your home are nearly limitless.

This also means that for many people, the idea of choosing custom window blinds can quickly become overwhelming.  Our team at Budget Blinds has worked with countless customers across the United States and Canada with regard to window treatment design tips, and over the course of that time, we’ve come to identify some simple interior design tips for window treatments that could be useful for you.  Below you’ll find five design tips for choosing custom window blinds that you may want to consider if you find yourself in need of direction to tackle this project.

1. Mounting

The first consideration is that you’ll need to mount the blinds properly. There are several ways, including an inside mount that is flush with the window frame or an outside mount creating a different visual impact. When your blinds are done with an inside mount you are able to keep out more light with a snug fit in the window frame. When working with Budget Blinds, we can recommend the right mount for the blinds you pick so you’ll get the look and feel you want in every room. Plus, we do the measuring and expert installation so you can sit back and relax.

2. Purpose of the Room

Every room in your house has a purpose.  It may sound obvious to say that bedrooms are primarily for sleeping, but this is actually an important idea to remember as you think about custom window blinds.   Even closed, blinds let in some light so an opaque roller shade behind the blinds will allow you to have the versatility of blinds during the day, but complete light-blocking at night or for a daytime sleeper. Adjustable blinds let you control light and visibility in any room.

3. Cleaning Is Unavoidable

Many of you have likely engaged in some form of the “form vs. function” debate in different home-related contexts.  While many features are debatable, with custom window blinds everyone can likely agree that every set of blinds needs to be cleaned regularly.  As such, you should consider what’s going to happen in a particular room before finalizing your choice of blinds.  If you’re going to have blinds in the kitchen, where food can fly and drinks can spill, you probably don’t want fabric blinds as they can sometimes be more difficult to clean than vinyl or faux wood blinds.  Cleaning considerations will be different for a home office or living room, but it’s a factor that should be part of your overall thinking.

4. Blending is Beautiful

Everyone’s tastes and preferences are different, but there are certain ideas when it comes to custom window blinds that tend to be universal.  One of those ideas we’ve noticed over the years is that homeowners do not always want their windows to be the focal point of the room unless their windows are in a purposeful place or have an extraordinary view.  Bay windows and sliders are the exception but, for the most part, windows should blend into a room’s overall look.  Therefore, when choosing custom window blinds, you may want to keep in mind that they should coordinate with the room’s color scheme and design instead of dominate.  Few things are more beautiful than subtlety, and that certainly holds true for blinds that perfectly fit a window and a room.

5. Look at Both Sides of the Issue (Or Blinds)

There is quite a bit to think about when choosing and installing custom window blinds in a home.  Unfortunately, not considering all factors can lead to mistakes and regrets.  One of the most common mistakes we’ve seen over the years is when people choose custom window blinds, they forget to consider the “other” side of those blinds.  How are your blinds going to look from the outside?  Curb appeal is enhanced when all windows on a side of your home reflect the same window covering. It gives consistency and order instead of having something different in every window. Window blinds are compatible with any interior design style across multiple rooms and they give a beautiful appearance from the outside.

Let Us Help You With Your Custom Window Blinds

Ultimately, your decision on custom window blinds is yours and yours alone.  That said, please don’t think you’re alone. Your local Budget Blinds design consultant is ready and willing to help you every step of the way.  If you’re thinking about adding custom window blinds to your home and the factors above have given you things to think about, that’s great; now is the time for the next step.  The more you learn about what’s going to work for you, the better you’re going to feel about your final decision.

The team of professionals at Budget Blinds understands your questions, your hesitations and your concerns, as we’ve heard them all before.  If you want to learn more about how we can help you, feel free to contact us at any time for a free in-home consultation.

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