10 Seasonal Window Decoration Ideas

The holiday season is finally here! It is time to decorate the house with all the seasonal decorations you have bought over the years. But have you ever looked at your windows and thought, “I would love to put some decorations up”? Budget Blinds is sharing 10 ideas for window decorations that will make your house more festive this holiday season.

  1. Ribbon Wreaths

Customizing your outside window is a great way to bring some holiday spirit to the neighborhood. Use green sheer ribbon with red ornaments and faux candy canes to create a custom garland to embellish your window. Add two miniature wreaths with ribbon on the glass in colors to match your holiday décor.

  1. Let the Light Shine

Lights are a great way to spruce up your windows for the holidays. If you have unique windows like this circular window, add a string of lights to create a holiday design. It is a simple way to decorate, but it will add color and excitement to your room. If you already have a window treatment on your window it might be a little challenging, but you can integrate with the treatment to still get the same effect.

  1. The Bells are Ringing

The Christmas bells are ringing. Bells are a standard decoration of the holiday season. A great way to incorporate bells into your décor is by attaching them to a garland. This looks great if you have multiple windows, like skylights, in your home. Consider hanging the garland across the window and add a string of lights to show off your beautiful windows.

  1. Don’t forget the Outside

If you want to make a great first impression, you can add some holiday cheer to the exterior of your home with small wreaths tied with red ribbon to each window. Multiple wreaths will give your home a uniform look and they won’t interrupt your window treatments. This is a great option if you don’t want to hang up lights but still want to have some holiday décor on the outside of your house.

  1. Glass Ornaments for Color

If you have sheer drapery in your home in a main window, add decorations like a Nativity scene and hanging glass colored ornaments. The glass ornaments in the window will catch light and add sparkle in the room. It is a way that you can have decorations in the window without making it difficult to close the window covering when you want privacy

  1. Light the Candle

Candles are a traditional way to add holiday spirit. Having a candle in a beautiful glass holder adorned with garland will create a gorgeous scene for your window. It will work best with drapery that opens to the side so you can see the scene from the outside and enjoy it from the inside. For a safety tip: make sure to use flameless battery-operated candles.

  1. Silver and Red Ornaments Centerpiece

A fun design idea for the holidays is to place colored ornaments on the top of a silver platter to create a beautiful centerpiece that can be placed on a windowsill. It can also be used for Christmas dinner as the centerpiece on the table.

  1. Pop of Holiday Color

Having a holiday-inspired window treatment can work year-round and look especially beautiful during the season. Roman shades add drama and depth to any room. They come in a variety of colors, prints and textures to match your style. This gorgeous red Roman shade looks great on every window of your home as a stand-alone treatment, but to add some extra holiday cheer, you can add some other decorations in the window.

  1. Bring Christmas into the Kitchen

Bring elements inspired by nature into your home with rustic garland. Placing it around your kitchen window blinds is a way to bring natural elements into your home with a touch of holiday cheer. A garland is light and easy to hang above your window blinds and won’t create any damage.

  1. Best Decoration of All: The Tree

Let your tree be the central focus. Placing your holiday tree in a front window can create a gorgeous view for outside viewers. It allows the lights to bounce off the reflection of the window to create a sparkle. If you have exterior shutters it is a wonderful time to keep them open to show off your decorative tree.

Happy Holidays from Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds wants you to have a Happy Holiday! We hope you enjoyed these 10 ideas for seasonal window decorations, and if you are looking to add more holiday spice to your home, make sure to give some of these a try. It never hurts to add more special holiday décor touches to your home during the holiday season.

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