Easy Kitchen Makeover

Families are spending extra time in the kitchen this time of year. It’s a place to prepare meals, entertain guests, and acts like the center of the home. If you want to impress your guests with a fresh new space without doing a whole makeover, these design ideas are a great start. 


Freshen-up with Greenery

Any room in your home could benefit from some greenery! Plants bring life to a space— especially the kitchen. Make your kitchen feel fresh all year long by adding a few houseplants behind the kitchen sink near a window. If you have a good amount of sunlight, consider growing herbs. An added bonus, plants bring color to your kitchen space as well! If your kitchen doesn’t have much sunlight, be sure to take a look at the tag on the plants to only buy plants that can thrive indoors. If you have bad luck with plants, you can hack this by heading to the store and buying some flowers to decorate just while guests are in your home.

The Fix for a Boring Kitchen

If you just feel like your kitchen is boring, add some personality with a window treatment. A custom window valance above your sink can add some fun. They come in a wide array of styles to fit whatever suits you, whether you are looking for subtle style or a big pop of color. Another option is roller shades. Available in a variety of colors and fabrics, our roller shades feature come in a variety of light-filtering options while still allowing you to see outdoors.

Bold Lighting

Adding bold light fixtures can really change the ambiance of a kitchen. Consider a hanging light source like a statement chandelier or hanging pendant lights. While chandeliers look expensive, you can find some great deals online if you shop around. Depending on your style, the options are endless when it comes to the perfect hanging lights — rustic, industrial, brass, glam or lanterns.

Colorful Rug 

If you have had the same rugs in the kitchen for 20 years, it’s probably time to swap them out for something new. Because kitchen rugs get a lot of foot traffic, they can fade quickly and see more wear and tear than rugs in other areas of your home. Consider getting rugs in a different color or pattern than what you have now so it feels more like a kitchen makeover. Plus, when guests come over, they will likely notice the plush new rug under their feet. Let your creative style soar here - the sky’s the limit! While Budget Blinds is known for our awesome window treatments, we have custom rug options available as well. 



Kitchen accessories can be whatever you want them to be. Some ideas are colorful appliances, cookbooks, patterned backsplash, cute wall decor, candy dish, bar stools, mixing bowls and open shelving— a little goes a long way! Even if you want to keep your kitchen a neutral palette, these “little things” will help bring some pizzazz to your space that isn’t overwhelming.


This last tip may or may not be noticeable to your guests, but it is sure to be noticeable to you. Have you accumulated duplicates of kitchen items over the years - like can openers, measuring cups, pizza cutters, etc.? It might be time to clean out the drawers and make a donation to a local organization. Not only will you feel less cluttered and have a more spacious kitchen, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone else in your community this holiday season too.

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