Will Canada’s New Regulations Affect Cordless Blinds in Bellingham?

If you haven’t heard, Canada is introducing new regulations around window coverings. The regulations look at child safety, and it means a change to cords within the systems. You may wonder if these regulations will eventually affect cordless blinds in Bellingham.

Of course, Canada’s regulations aren’t going to affect anything in the United States. That doesn’t mean the United States won’t look at the regulations and consider something similar. Here’s what’s to know.

Cordless Blinds in Bellingham Are the Safest Options

The good news is if you get cordless blinds, you are putting safety first. There is nothing that is going to affect cordless blinds themselves. The regulations in Canada are actually encouraging more people to turn to cordless options by putting heavy limitations against the cords that can be included.

So, even if something came into the U.S., you’re safe buying cordless. You’re not going to look at the blinds and wish that you got something different in a few years’ time. You already have the item that the regulators want you to get.

Cordless blinds are the safest options for children and pets. You get rid of the reason for the strangulation risk. There’s nothing that can create loops, so you can allow your children and pets to play without worrying too much about them. Of course, as parents, you’ll still worry, but not as much as you would with corded window coverings.

Anything You Buy from Canada May Be Affected

The regulations will apply to products sold in Canada, whether imported or made in the country. It could lead to manufacturers in Canada just not making anything that goes against regulations, even if they’re intended for outside of the country. Why add an extra burden for something that can’t be sold within the country. This could affect some blinds but won’t affect cordless blinds in Bellingham.

The idea is to switch out the corded options with cordless options. For example, horizontal blinds will only tilt. You won’t be able to fully lift them out of the way. This is going to cause problems for those who need to get to the windows easily for cleaning purposes.

Those that do lift will look different. Some will be cordless completely. Others will have their cords covered in a plastic guard. This prevents the cord from looping and causing a danger.

There are some types of blinds that may no longer be available. Top-down, bottom-up shades are among the types that are going to be unavailable in Canada for some time, and it could mean unavailable if you’re buying from a Canadian manufacturer. This could include some cordless blinds in Bellingham, but the trick is to just buy from another manufacturer in the United States.

It is worth keeping an eye on changes to regulations in other countries. These regulations could end up coming into the United States if they are deemed successful. However, when it comes to cordless blinds in Bellingham, you’re already buying the safest options so changes to safety regulations aren’t likely to be an issue.

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