Why Your Windows Only Need a Valance in Blaine

There are many types of window coverings and treatments. A valance in Blaine is a beautiful addition, but it is made purely for decorative reasons.

That being said, it can be used in windows alone. In fact, opting for this could be just what your room needs. Here are three reasons your windows only need a valance.

You’ve Tinted Your Windows Anyway

One of the reasons to get other window coverings is to manage the light coming into your home. If you’ve tinted the windows to the room, you probably don’t need this benefit. The tint is already blocking the UV rays from shining through, but you still get the light.

At the same time, you get privacy in the room. It’s hard to see through the tints both during the day and night, so you gain a sense of safety and security.

But with this, you still want the windows to look good. You’ll want to add a splash of color or just something to prevent the windows from looking naked. You just don’t want to cover the window tint. This is where a valance in Blaine is perfect.

The valance doesn’t cover the whole window. It doesn’t block the view outside. All you get is a piece of material that brings color the area.

Your Windows Are Small for Just a Valance in Blaine

Sometimes, you have windows that are tiny. They can be a small window in an attic room or just a thin strip to let some light into the basement. While you don’t necessarily want something to cover the whole window, you want something to dress it.

Covering the whole window could look odd depending on the style of the small window. Instead, you can grab a valance to hang over the top. The material will only cover the top part of the window, not even affecting that much light that comes through. It’s purely there for decorative needs.

You’ll want to look at the styles of valances and the exact window. Sometimes, a window is best left uncovered completely.

The Room Needs All the Light It Can Get

Some rooms are built so small that they easily look cramped. Then there are rooms so large that the small amount of light that gets through the windows isn’t enough to light up the whole space. You need to get as much light as possible, and that leads to you looking at shorter window coverings.

A valance in Blaine is a great option. The material just sits at the top of the window. It won’t block any of the light that shines through, although if placed right, it could catch some of the UV rays and block the glare.

Your room won’t look as cramped. Get the right color and you can even help to make the room look brighter and larger.

A valance in Blaine is a beautiful addition to the windows. While they usually accompany a practical type of window covering, there are times you only need to use a valance.

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