Why You Want Solar Screens in Bellingham for the Outside of Your Home

You know the benefits of solar shades inside your home, but what about on the outside of your home? Something to consider getting is a set of solar screens in Bellingham for the exterior of your home.

Solar screens are similar to regular screens. They will sit on the outside of your window to prevent the bugs getting in. However, they’re made with slightly darker materials to help manage the light coming in. Here’s why you’ll want to consider them for your home.

You Need a Screen Anyway

You’re going to need to put a screen up against your windows. It doesn’t really matter what type of screen you have. They’re necessary for keeping the bugs at bay. If you don’t have screens, you’ll end up with a lot of bugs flying through your windows when they’re open.

Why not have something that offers more practical benefits? Solar screens in Bellingham aren’t going to cost you a lot of extra money. You’re not putting something up over the top of existing screens. You’re just replacing them, which you may find needs to happen anyway. Screens do eventually break down and start letting bugs in, so you need to get something new to do the basic job.

Manage the Light Levels Throughout the Year

Solar screens in Bellingham are also great for managing the light. This is the whole point of them. The color of the material will block the sun’s rays from getting into your home, reducing the glare you need to deal with. You’ll be able to sit in a room more comfortably without the need to use your interior window coverings.

You’re not going to lose a lot of natural light. That is a concern with window coverings. The solar element to the screens will simply manage the glare and filter the light through the windows. You’re getting something similar to solar shades. This means privacy as well.

Manage the Rising Temperatures in the Summer

Summer heat is a problem. When the sun hits the windows, the temperatures go up. You get what is known as the greenhouse effect. Even with window coverings on the inside of the home, you will still see some of the heat rise. After all, the sun is still hitting the glass.

You can prevent this with solar screens in Bellingham. The material will stop the UV rays from even hitting the glass. Not only do you prevent the glare, but you also prevent the rising temperatures in the summer. There’s no way around the rays hitting the glass to cause the greenhouse effect.

You can reduce the use of other window coverings during the day. You’ll be able to reduce the use of your air conditioning unit. This is the best way to save money and feel more comfortable in your home.

It’s time to upgrade your current screens. Look into getting solar screens in Bellingham. Not only do you get something that manages the bugs, but you’ll also manage the problem of UV rays coming into your home.

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