Why You Need Large Slats on Your Window Shutters in Lynden

When it comes to getting window shutters in Lynden, you’ll get a lot of choices. Custom shutters are the way to go, and not just because they’ll fit your window frames the best. You get control over style, color, and materials.

One of the things you get to control is the size of the louvers. These are like the slats on window blinds. You twist them to control the amount of light that is allowed into the room. Large louvers are great additions to your window shutters, and here’s why you need to consider them.

You’ll Let More Natural Light into Your Home

It’s all about natural light. While you want to block the glare coming into your home, you don’t want to lose all of that natural light. Window shutters in Lynden offer great benefits. When you do need to block the light, you just close the louvers completely. When you need to let some light in, you twist the louvers.

Larger slats will let in more of the natural light outside. You can still twist them well to block the glare or redirect it around the house. Allowing the natural light in makes your space look bigger and feel brighter.

You Don’t Block the View to the Outside That Much

There’s no need to lose all view to the outside world. At the same time, you don’t need to lose privacy. When you get the larger louvers, you can still see outside easily. The material of the window shutters in Lynden won’t get in the way.

You’ll want to twist the slats strategically. This allows you to see out without people seeing into the home. It’s better during the day because the light direction is working in your favor. On a night, just close the slats and you’ll gain full privacy.

Large Louvers on Window Shutters in Lynden Make the Window Look Smaller

If you have large windows, you need large louvers. The windows can sometimes look a little too large for the home, but you don’t necessarily want to block the entire view. Large louvers offer gaps that are easy to see through.

When you get small louvers, you end up with more louvers and more gaps. This can make the windows look a little too busy and a bit too large. With larger louvers, you have fewer gaps. It just offers one of those optical illusions to make your windows look smaller.

You’ll Still Gain Excellent Heating and Cooling Benefits

There’s no need to worry about the energy benefits. While the large gaps can lead to some extra heat escaping, the time you’re most worried about that is on a night. Close the louvers and you’ll block the heat loss. You’re going to do this anyway.

When it comes to the UV rays in the summer, you still don’t need to worry too much. Twist the louvers like you would with the smaller ones.

It’s time to let more natural light into your home. Window shutters in Lynden with larger louvers will certainly help to do that.

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