Why Vertical Blinds in Bellingham Are Perfect for Long Balcony Windows

Instead of opting for the traditional balcony, you may have a closed off space. This is great for allowing light without the elements, and you add an extra room to your home. You just need to get the right window coverings for the windows, and you’ll want to look at vertical blinds in Bellingham.

Vertical blinds come in a variety of materials and colors. It’s not these that are going to offer you the main benefits. Here’s why vertical blinds are better for long balcony windows compared to other options out there.

They Slide Along the Windows

There is always the worry of how to make your window coverings fit. With long windows, you’ll need multiple blinds and shades to cover the space. Get a horizontal blind that’s too long and you’ll see it drooping in the middle. It also costs a lot to get longer roller shades. Either way, you’ll end up with multiple blinds sitting next to each other, and you’ll need to work each of them individually.

That’s not the case with vertical blinds in Bellingham. You can sit just one blind across the whole length of the window, and you’ll be able to open and close with just one or maybe two systems. It will depend on if you want one long vertical blind that sits on one side of the window, or you want something similar to drapes where two systems meet in the middle.

Either way, you have less material. This leads to spending less on your window coverings, and you’ll have something that doesn’t give into gravity in the middle.

Manage the Light That Shines Through

Vertical blinds in Bellingham are made with slats. These are important for some of the downsides of having this big long window in your balcony. You’ll need something that is going to manage the light that shines through.

The light is problematic for a number of reasons. You end up with a lot of glare, so you can’t sit comfortably in your office. Then you have the problem of the greenhouse effect, making this space a lot hotter than it needs to be. If you don’t have air con in the area, you’ll need to find another way to manage the temperature problem.

The slats on the vertical blinds are perfect. You can twist them to prevent the UV rays shining through the windows. This minimizes the greenhouse effect problem in this space.

You’ll also manage the glare. You can twist the slats in a way that suits you depending on where you sit in the balcony. One part may be an office, so you need to manage the light there during the day. On an evening, you may have a space to relax, and that leads to needing to manage problems over that side of the room. Vertical blinds make this very easy.

It’s time to save money and materials in your closed-in balcony. The long windows don’t need to be that tricky to cover. Vertical blinds in Bellingham are the way to go.

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