Why Faux Wood Is the Best Material for Window Shutters in Blaine

You know you want window shutters in Blaine for your windows. It doesn’t matter if you want plantation, barn, or even colonial, shutters are a great way to manage light, heat, and much more. Now you just need to decide on the materials for your window coverings.

Faux wood is one of the most effective materials for window shutters. Here’s why you need to consider it for your new investment.

The Material Is Designed to Last the Best

This is a material that is designed to last the decades, and that’s certainly that you want when it comes to permanent window coverings. Many materials become damaged with the constant UV rays coming through the windows. It leads to warping in the heat.

That’s not the case when it comes to faux wood. The material has a protective layer that prevents the UV rays from causing warping and cracking. There isn’t an issue with moisture getting into the wood on the inside, which helps to manage the longevity of the blinds. They truly become an investment in your home.

You Can Get Different Colors If You Want

Real wood is limited in colors. While you can paint them, they don’t look as good. That’s not the case with faux wood. These window shutters in Blaine are made up of a vinyl covering, which can come in a variety of colors.

You’ll want to think carefully about the colors that you do have. Shutters are designed to last for the years to come, and you may change your interior décor in those years. You’ll want something that works with your décor regardless of the style. This is why neutral colors are often preferred.

The Window Shutters in Blaine Won’t Fade

Some materials will fade because of the UV rays shining on them. Real wood has a problem with this, leading to the colors looking lighter and spotty over the years. Faux wood doesn’t have that problem.

The vinyl covering is resistant to damage from UV rays. Not only do you protect your blinds from warping in the heat, but you’ll also make sure they look as good as new years down the line. All you’ll need to do is clean your blinds regularly, which is going to be part of your weekly or monthly routine anyway.

Faux Wood Is Scratch Resistant

If you have children or pets, you’ll know that things get damaged easily. Pets will dig their nails into items, especially cats that like to climb! Children have a habit of drawing on things, which can lead to permanent damage on some items. You don’t want your window shutters in Blaine to be damaged.

Faux wood has an outside layer that is scratch resistant. If you do have children who like to color, the markers and crayons will easily wipe off. Your shutters will always look like they’ve just been installed.

Window shutters in Blaine are beautiful additions for the home. Faux wood is the superior material for an investment.

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