Why Cordless Blinds in Bellingham Are All the Rage

Something you may have noticed is that cordless blinds in Bellingham are among the most popular. You see them everywhere, and in all sorts of styles. In fact, it’s getting harder to find the traditional corded roller shades you used to get.

There are a few reasons for making a switch to cordless blinds. You can get them motorized if you want, but that’s not necessary. Cordless blinds aren’t going anywhere, and here’s why.

They’re the Safest Option for Everyone in the House

There were a lot of dangers associated with corded window coverings. It got to the point where the hidden dangers were finally seen as a major threat, and companies looked at ways to create more cordless blinds in Bellingham. Without the cords, the strangulation risks disappear.

The entire family is much safer when it comes to cordless window treatments. There aren’t the loops that form, creating the strangulation risks. You also get rid of the possibility of pet limbs getting caught in loops. You want to create a safe place for your entire family, and this is the way to do it.

They Look Better in the Home

Another major benefit of cordless blinds in Bellingham is to the décor. When you have corded window coverings, the cords tend to sit to one side. They are visible, especially when the blinds are open. This becomes distracting, and it can lead to some dreams of a better décor style.

You’ll get that with cordless features. Cordless window coverings don’t have the dangling material at the side of the window coverings. When the blinds are up, they are completely out of the way. There is nothing sitting in the line of sight when you’re looking out of the window.

When the blinds are closed, there are no cords sitting on the side. You don’t need to worry about them rocking back and forth in the breeze, and there’s no need to wish that there was a way to get a more streamlined look around the windows.

They Don’t Age as Quickly

Corded window coverings tend to look older sooner than cordless ones. This is due to the way the cords age. Just look at how they can end up stained or frayed. When you get cordless blinds in Bellingham, you don’t have that look.

The window coverings, instead, hide many signs of aging. Cordless window treatments don’t have this small section that picks up all sorts of debris. It’s hard to clean the cords because of how small they are, and they tend to be forgotten about. Now you don’t need to worry about them.

On top of that, the cords are more likely to be the first parts of the blinds to suffer with wear and tear. The cords don’t pull the blinds up as easily, meaning that you need to replace them even though they look good. Cordless features aren’t as problematic for this.

Cordless blinds in Bellingham are all the rage, and they’re going to stay that way. There are a lot of benefits to getting cordless window coverings.

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