Which Window Treatments in Lynden Are Right for Toddlers?

When it comes to searching for the perfect window coverings for toddlers, you’ll hear a lot about cordless blinds. Yes, they’re great, but there are still factors to consider to find the best window treatments in Lynden for the toddlers in the room.

Toddlers are likely the hardest stage of child development when it comes to window coverings. There’s just so much to consider. Here are three types of window treatments to consider.

Opt for Cordless Cellular Shades

The first type of window covering to consider is the cordless cellular shade. These window treatments in Lynden offer so many benefits, including the fact that they are completely cordless. There’s no need to worry about your toddler getting injured with the cords.

The cellular shades are excellent for privacy and light control. At the same time, they’ll help to manage the temperature in the room. You get something that makes the room safe and comfortable for your exploring child.

Choose Cordless Roller Shades

Next up is the roller shade. The downside with these is that they tend not to be on a runner like cellular shades. There is a material that hangs loose, which can be tempting for small hands. However, these cordless window treatments in Lyndon can also be created specifically for toddlers.

You can get roller shades from a story selling children’s products. Brands aimed at children will make these shades, so you get something that matches their favorite characters or current colors. It’s possible to get something safe that also helps continue eye and brain development.

Consider Light Curtains or Shades

If you’re going to opt for curtains, consider the type that you get. While curtains themselves aren’t dangerous, it’s everything that goes with them linked to the explorative nature of toddlers.

If something is in reach, toddlers will grab it. Having these window treatments in Lyndon hanging down will make them tempting to pull. This can lead to the rod pulling down. You want to make sure that the rod is securely in place, which means avoiding the tension rods.

Lighter materials are the best options in case they do fall over. It’s going to be much easier for your toddler to breathe through, especially if you haven’t immediately seen the situation unfold.

Keep Furniture Away from Window Treatments in Lynden

While you have the three options for window coverings above, there’s an important tip to protect your children. Toddlers like to explore, and that involves climbing. If they see something they like and there’s furniture available to climb on to grab, toddlers are going to climb.

You want to make sure all furniture is away from the window coverings, whatever type they are. This just makes it much harder for toddlers to climb up and grab anything. Yes, there are some toddlers who figure things out, but not all of them will be able to move the furniture across.

The toddler age is a difficult age. They’re learning a lot, but that means they are also mini explorers. You need to make their room safe, and part of that means getting the right window treatments in Lynden.

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