Which Window Treatments in Ferndale Are Best for Temperature Management?

One thing that you want to gain with window treatments in Ferndale is the ability to manage the temperature in the home. You’ll want to block the heat loss sometimes, while other times, you’ll want to block the rising temperatures.

It can be difficult to manage it all. There are some great window coverings that will offer benefits throughout the year. Then there are others that will offer needs for specific seasons. Here are the window coverings to consider for your needs.

Solar Shades When It’s All About the Heat

In the summer, you want to manage the rising temperatures in the room. The main cause of higher temperatures is the UV rays hitting the glass. They cause the greenhouse effect, and you need to block the UV rays to be able to prevent this from happening. Solar shades are the best window treatments in Ferndale for this benefit.

The window coverings are a great way to filter the light. You’ll block the direct glare without blocking natural light, making them prefect for conservatories. You don’t need to get a secondary window covering for all rooms, but you may want them for some as they’re not the best for heat loss management in the winter.

Slat Blinds Will Block Heat Loss and Gain

If you want to upgrade to something that works throughout the year, you’ll want to consider venetian blinds or vertical blinds. The exact style will depend on the type of window that you have, but the window treatments in Ferndale offer some great benefits.

The coverings are usually made of faux or real wood. These woods will offer insulation around the windows, blocking the heat from escaping in the winter. During the summer, you change the direction of the UV rays, helping to minimize the rising temperatures. You’ll need to close up the blinds completely if you want to fully block the rays, but this will block the natural light.

Keep Costs Down with Cellular Shades

Of course, faux and real wood window treatments in Ferndale are on the more expensive side. You can keep the costs down and still get the heat loss and gain benefits. It’s all about getting cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades.

These window coverings are made of fabric, but they have two layers that zigzag opposite each other. This creates cells, where air is trapped and circulated.

In the winter, the heat will still try to get out. That heat is trapped in the cells. Some of it is circulated back into the home, while some of the heat is trapped the whole time. The heating thinks it has done its job and doesn’t need to be on as long. In the summer, you’re blocking the UV rays while circulating any air conditioning that tries to get out through the windows, keeping the rooms cooler.

Heat management is one of the biggest reasons to get window coverings, regardless of the room you’re in and the time of year. The above window treatments in Ferndale are great options. Now just look at the room and your exact temperature needs.

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