Which Way Should You Turn Hunter Douglas Blinds in Bellingham for Privacy?

You want privacy with your Hunter Douglas blinds in Bellingham. That’s one of the main reasons you bought them. Now you need to figure out how to use them properly to gain said privacy.

Slat blinds are one of the best options for privacy. You can twist the slats without losing all the light, but you will still gain privacy. Now you just need to figure out the best way to get the privacy in your home. Should you turn the slats up or down?

Turn Your Slats Up for More Privacy

In the majority of cases, you’ll want to turn the slats up. Most people will look in and slightly down when it comes to staring into your home, even if they don’t mean it. People are nosey, or movement may just catch their eye. Either way, you want to make it harder for people to see in with the Hunter Douglas blinds in Bellingham.

By turning them up, you minimize the gaps that allow the sight into your home. People are more likely to see the material of the slats than anything else. If they are going to see in, they’ll see whatever is at the top of the room, usually the ceiling. This works whether you have a room in the basement or at ground level.

When you turn the slats down, you can direct the view straight to what you’re trying to cover up. Sure, it’s a little harder to see in, but you’re making it much easier to see the bottom of the room.

Turn Down or Up for Rooms Higher Up

When you have a room further up the house, you could get away with turning your Hunter Douglas blinds in Bellingham down. Further up doesn’t really cause the same privacy issues as along the ground level of the home.

People look up to see into the upper levels of the house. When you have the slats turned down, you don’t have the issue of people seeing through to the bottom of the room. Even when turned up, you only show the view to the ceiling.

The biggest issue is going to be if you have homes close by. Can someone see into your home from their bedroom? If so, you’ll want to work with the turned-up approach.

Hunter Douglas Blinds in Bellingham Don’t Matter When They’re Closed

There are times when it’s just not going to matter. This is on a night when you close the slats completely. It doesn’t matter which way you twist the slats as there are no gaps for people to see in at all.

This is going to be a personal preference. Do you prefer looking at the slats cascading downward or do you like the look upward? Stick to the same way for a uniformed look. There’s always something strange about one blind facing up and the others facing down.

Privacy is important in the home. It’s time to stop the view for people walking by your house. Get the twist of the slats on your Hunter Douglas blinds in Bellingham just right.

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