Should You Use Tension Rods for Your Drapery in Bellingham?

You know you want drapery in Bellingham for the rooms in your home. Drapes offer a wide range of decorative and practical benefits. Now you need to figure out how they’re hanging over your windows.

If you rent, you may want to avoid anything that screws into the walls. Do you really want to add more holes in the walls? This means looking at tension rods, similar to shower curtain poles. Will they work for your needs? This is going to depend on the following factors.

They Are Great for Renters Who Won’t Stick Around for Long

If you rent a place for a year or two and then move on, you’ll want to look at doing as little damage to the place as possible. Rods for drapery in Bellingham that you screw into the wall will leave marks that you need to cover up. It can feel like the holes were a waste of time for such a short time you were in the place.

However, if you’re going to stick around for a few years or even plan to rent for decades, the holes in the walls won’t be that problematic. After a number of years, the landlord is going to want to spruce up the place for new tenants anyway. You’ll get away with leaving the holes in the walls from the screws a little easier.

So, if you’re sticking around for less than a couple of years, stick with tension rods for easier use and less damage. Otherwise, you have a bit more choice.

They Can Be Good for Lighter Drapery in Bellingham

If your drapes are light in weight, you’ll find that tension rods are fine. The weight of the drapes will pull on the rods, running the risk of gravity doing the rest of the work and pulling them down. This can cause danger to those in the room if they’re close to the rods when they fall.

Heavier drapes will require rods that screw into the walls. You’ll want something that isn’t going to get pulled down by the weight of the drapes. Of course, you’ll need to make sure the rods are in place securely to benefit from the heavier drapes.

Do you have two types of drapes hanging? If you have a sheer drape, you could put that up with a tension rod. The heavier drape will then sit on a screwed-in rod over the top of the window.

They May Need Putting Back Up Now and Then

It doesn’t really matter on the weight of the drapery in Bellingham. Every now and then, your tension rod is likely to fall down. Gravity does its thing!

So, there are times that you’ll need to put it back up. If this is a room where nobody is likely to be near a window when it does fall, this is fine. You’ll probably want to skip over the tension rods in a room where children and pets play.

Tension rods do cause less damage when hanging drapery in Bellingham. However, they’re not necessarily the best option for all homes.

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